Your Diet is just a hole without Whole Grains

Whole Grains

The prevalent diabetic epidemic of TYPE 1 and 2 has set the alarm bells ringing all across the globe, even little children as young as 4 and 5 are now suffering from the disease and the number is only rising. Rising dietary misfires coupled with sedentary lifestyles and chronic inactivity have given boost to many lifestyle disease like diabetes, blood pressure. These diseases just 20 years ago were part of the octogenarian age and that too in a limited number. The sudden jump has health workers and experts worried that we might be looking at a huge population wipe out as a result of these diseases. They say that steps need to be taken and fast. Even basic vitamin deficiencies are taking place because people simply don’t sit under the sun or take a walk.

The pressure to look thin rather than being fit and healthy has put an entire generation on a high protein, low crab and 0 fat diets. Whether these diet fads actually have any mortality benefits or not can be found from the fact that no research has been able to prove so. In-fact low crab diets have been directly linked to mental health and anger issues. Also this has resulted in low fiber intakes resulting in sugar issues, heart problems and also bowel and abdominal problems, skin issues too are a secondary result of bowel problems.

Fast food is a definite killer of healthy food intake and high starch intake is another issue that health workers are grappling with. Fiber from whole grain helps in digestion and also whole grains give you a host of minerals and vitamins which are absolutely essential for the body.

Oats, brown rice, barley, sprouted grains and rye are just a few examples of what should be in your diet and that too DAILY. You would be surprised to know that fat is also important element that you need to have in your body to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index. Fate in necessary to maintain body temperature and also keeps the skin healthy along with giving safety to your bones.

You would be surprised at how many things that you avoid are actually good source of fat, whole grain and help in maintaining sugar levels.

Whole grain pasta, most dietitians and coaches will ask you to swear to never eat pasta again, but it this variety is always the best as it helps in proving a wholesome goodness for your body and heart. Even the basic pop corn that you get around on the road side is a great source of fiber and guess what it is fat free (it is best to avoid the butter laden microwave ones).

Barley, brown rice, oatmeal, millet, whole wheat past and wheat noodles are all great sources of whole grains that are beneficial for you.

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Many folks are now skipping out on whole grains leaving a lot to be desired in their dietary requirements setting off a dangerous health trend.

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