Ganesh ShenoyWins Asia Record ForMaximum Miniature Paintings

ganesh shenoy

December 6th, 2019 (prsubmission) –  Asia Book of Records has recognized artist Ganesh KelaginaBeeduShenoy by confirming that he has broken the Asia record for his artwork “Maximum miniature paintings on a single A4 sized sheet” which was earlier broken national record and had entered prestigious India Book of Records. Ganesh Shenoycreated 1029 miniature paintings, with 775 miniature paintings sized 1cm × 0.5cm and remaining 254 paintings sized 1cm ×1cm, drawn on a single A4 paper card using color pencils and acrylic colors.

Asia Book of Record is a platform where the record holders of all major National ‘Book of Records’ including ‘India Book of Records’, ‘Vietnam Book of Records’, ‘Indo-China Book of Records’, ‘Laos Book of Records’, ‘Nepal Book of Records’ and ‘Bangladesh Book of Records’ meet to compare, compete and claim the title of ‘Asia Book of Records’ Holder.

Ganesh Shenoy is from Mangalore, Karnataka and he is the son of a veteran artist and Lalit Kala Academy award winner Late K.PundalikShenoy. His mother Late PadminiShenoy was also a noted artist. Right from his childhood he is interested in painting and has secured many prizes/recognitions and had conducted exhibitions of his artworks.  Last year one of his paintings on Lord Jesus Christ was featured in “L’Osservatore Romano” – a newspaper of Vatican City.

Ganesh uses many mediums and styles while painting. His favorite styles are pointillism, mosaic, and expressionism. Ganesh Shenoy has never sold his paintings for personal gain. He always donates his paintings to philanthropic organizations so that they can sell and utilize the proceedings for charity work.

Ganesh Shenoy is working as an HR Manager in Sodexo in Qatar. He is living with his wife ArtiShenoy in Doha – Qatar since for the past 12 years. His daughter AnishaShenoy is pursuing her MBBS at KVG Medical College, Sullia, Karnataka.


Ganesh Shenoy has broken Asia Record as well ForMaximum Miniature Paintings.

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