Submit Event Release

The press release is an official declaration providing information about latest updates, launches products, events and many more. Did you know to write a press release for an event? Well, let’s discuss firstly what is an event press release?

An event press release is an announcement that provides information about a specific event. It includes the details of the event and basic information about your business.

Let’s have a look at the following points for writing an effective press release:

1. Catchy Headline:

Grab the reader’s attention with a catchy headline that contains the name or location of the event with the keywords that are mostly used by the people in search engines.

2. Summarize your press release:

You can add a summary of your press release in a few sentences in the last section. This will help you to gain more readers by summarizing the important points in your press release.

3. Body section:

The body section is the main part of your press release where the actual story and the information about your event with the target audience, the benefits of attending are described within two to three paragraphs.

4. Event statement:

This is the boilerplate statement that follows the body. Here, you can add your business services, aim, purpose, vision for your company.

5. Contact information:

Finally, the contact information must be included in your press release with the company name, phone no., contact person, website address, email address.

Now, let’s start with the Do’s and Don’ts of writing an event press release


– Start out brief and concise to grab the readers in few impressive words.

– Use of active voice.

– Identify the spokesperson for readers inquiries.

– Tell about the compelling story with your press release.

– Send the press release out two to three weeks in advance.

– An effective event press release is between 300-800 words.


– Don’t use common phrases that sounds like sales pitch, or proposal.

– Do not address your readers directly by “you”.

– Don’t include the email address for online-only release.

– Don’t use more than one hyperlink in one paragraph.

– Don’t use dashes or unusual symbols for breaking paragraphs.

Press releases can be excellent tools for marketing your event. So, increase the coverage of your upcoming event and get maximum exposure. Submit your press release now.