Writing and Formatting Tips for News Releases

Free Online Press Release Submission Guidelines

PR Submission Site offers a free service to upload press releases. In order to maintain this service, all press releases submitters must follow press release submission guidelines that we have set in place. While every press release deals with unique subject matter, every item that is submitted to our site should follow these general formatting recommendations:

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing and distributing your press release. We also help you determine what kind of news is really newsworthy.

  • Use concise, clear language that explains about a future event or reports on a recent event, such as a launching or notable conference.
  • Press Releases should be between 300 and 1000 words in length. The news summary included with the release must also be no longer than two or three sentences.
  • Provide equal space in entire content and cover the five W’s; who, what, why, where, and when of the newsworthy event in the first paragraph.
  • There should not be any email addresses within the body of the release. If an email address is necessary to include, use this formatting: name (at) service (dot) com.
  • All links must be active and contain acceptable extensions (jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, pdf, doc*, xl*, ps, rtf, ppt, mpeg, mp3, and mov only). Use links sparingly. Ideally, the press release should only 1 link for every 100 words. For example, a 500-word press release should contain fewer than 5 links in the body.
  • If the press release is longer than a single page, include the word “more” at the bottom of every page. In addition, include the release subject and/or your name on every proceeding page. Include the word “end” at the bottom of the final page.
  • Featured image should be at least 400*400*.

PR Submission Site has the right to decline any publications that fall foul of the specified guidelines

Press Release Content Requirements

Press releases must stick to the following press release submission guidelines to be considered for publication on this site. Please ensure that your release meets this criterion before submitting it to our editorial staff:

  • All press releases must pertain a newsworthy event, product, or service. We do not accept releases that are intended for advertising or marketing purposes. The content must offer real value to the reader and be supported by factual information.
  • The press release should be unbiased and objective. Avoid use of direct callouts, such as “I” or “you”, which addresses the reader in a personal manner. Furthermore, refrain from using exclamation points, exaggerations, or any other “hype” content that can detract the overall credibility of the release.
  • All press releases submitted to the site must be fact-checked and completely accurate. We do not personally verify the information within the releases. Therefore, the content must be free of errors and inaccurate statements before it is submitted. For example, after reading these free online press release submission guidelines and want to submit a press release regarding legal or political issues, make sure to include the case number, court name, and supporting documentation with your press release.
  • Before submission, ensure the press release is free or grammar and spelling errors. Our editorial staff does not proofread and/or make revisions to releases to prepare them for publication. Press release provider has to take the responsibility. Make sure to define any technical or industry-specific jargon used in the release.
  • All information must be supported by accurate information that is widely available and/or provided by a reliable source. All news sources should be clearly mentioned at the top of the press release or in the headline. If you are submitting the release at the behest of a third-party, the name of the third-party would typically be the news source.

Copyright Issues

Each publication is responsible comes under the responsibility of its author regarding the copyright of its contents. If you are not the author of the content used in your publication the original author must be contacted for relevant permissions.

Redistribution of Publications on PR Submission Site:

  • You may print/ download publications to a local hard disk, as long as publication remains under personal and non-commercial use.
  • Publications may be handed on to third parties, yet only if the content is acknowledged with the website as a content source.

PR Submission Site has the right to decline any publications that fall foul of the specified guidelines.