What Is A Merger Clause Answered By Georgia Litigation Attorney


Atlanta, Georgia 6 September 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – A Georgia litigation attorney at KPPB LAW recently released a blog answering the question “What is a merger clause?” When business deals get complicated or when conflicting information exists, a merger clause can smooth out the details.

When you negotiate a new contract, whether it is to purchase a new house or start a new job, you may discuss some of the details of your agreement over the phone, in person, or over email. Over time, however, the exact agreement may get muddled. Though all of the official details will be included in the contract, it can be easy for people to feel confused or try to act on information that was discussed but not included in the contract. To avoid this confusion and to get a head start on resolving issues that may arise, be sure to include a merger clause in your contract.

Merger clauses are inserted into contracts to tell all parties that the contract represents the official details and final say in all matters related to the matter at hand. When it is included in contracts, attorneys and signees can confidently refer to the contract to mediate disputes and understand the official rights and responsibilities of each party. A merger clause can be included in any contract to add this level of security and can be a simple sentence, such as “This contract represents the parties’ entire agreement on this matter, regardless of previous negotiations or agreements.” Because the contract has the final word on the terms of the agreement, no other discussions or extra information outside the contract will be considered when it comes to resolving future disputes.

Hiring an attorney to review your contract before it is signed or help you mediate a solution in the event of a dispute can help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Speak with the dispute & resolution attorneys at KPPB LAW for more information about your case. The firm’s attorneys can hold a free consultation to discuss your case and offer expert guidance. To speak with an attorney at KPPB LAW, contact the firm at 678-443-2244. KPPB Law is headquartered at One Lakeside Commons, Suite 800, 990 Hammond Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328.


A Georgia litigation attorney at KPPB LAW recently released a blog answering the question “What is a merger clause?”

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