Soccer in the Skies: WestJet Booking celebrated collaborating with Canadian Premier League

February 5, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

WestJet booking galore gets endorsement from the soccer-lovers as the Calgary-based airline binds up with the Canadian Premier League (CPL) as an extension to their promise to promote affordable vacations. Infinite Travels marks the civil interest of WestJet Airlines as the airline recharges itself as the official airline and vacation partner of the Canadian Premier League (CPL).

Prominent in the aviation sector, WestJet announces its fruitful partnership with the professional men’s soccer club. For soccer fans throughout the nation, their multi-year collaboration has been a fantastic voyage filled with thrilling new experiences, shared ideals, and improved possibilities. It is, as the experts suggest, a spontaneous step towards promoting Airlines flights serving the cultural enrichment of Canada.

A Heart-winning Partnership

Travel and sports have come together thanks to the unprecedented partnership between WestJet Airlines and the Canadian Premier League. WestJet has been essential in helping the league advance its goals and build stronger ties with its supporters since 2019. This allowed us to build a mutual passion and energy among the local communities, resulting in connecting the world with soccer’s charm.

Extended Travel Experiences

The addressed fact, centralized initiatives of WestJet flights are expected to bring a noticeable evolution in the world of aviation and sports, in the following ways:

  • Attending soccer games is now much more enjoyable thanks to the collaboration between WestJet Booking and the Canadian Premier League (CPL).
  • In addition to making being a fan even more enjoyable, WestJet Booking offers CPL fans exclusive travel benefits.
  • They have taken the initiative in offering fans attending CPL games exclusive offers, discounts, and added perks.

This means that, because of WestJet Airlines’ best first-class international flights, fans can travel to support their favorite teams in an easy and fun manner.

Quoting the Forefront

The Executive Vice President of the Canadian Premier League and Canadian Soccer Business, Mr. Glen Johnson, in an interview, acknowledged WestJet’s desire to collaborate with sports. Mr. Johnson mentioned that WestJet has shown their wholehearted commitment to helping it achieve its goals of empowering every community it touches and growing soccer in Canada.

On the other hand, John Weatherill, the Executive Vice president of WestJet Group, took pride in extending their partnership with the Canadian Premier League and making it the officially endorsed airline partner for the following consecutive four years. Both sides of the collaboration seem extremely delightful in holding their hands to make soccer happen as the nation’s pride.

Looking Ahead

The Canadian Premier League and WestJet Booking both pledge to expand on this solid foundation as they commemorate their successful collaboration in more accessible business class and first class flights ticket booking. Future initiatives, travel incentives, and fan interaction activities are already planned, so CPL fans can expect an even more thrilling experience in the upcoming seasons.

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The partnership between WestJet and the Canadian Premier League is a remarkable achievement that brings together travel and sports for a remarkable journey of success.




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