Virginia Pool Demolition Contractor Releases Pool Removal Prep Guide

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Annandale, Virginia (prsubmissionsite) November 27, 2019 – The Virginia pool demolition contractors at Dirt Connections recently released a pool removal preparation guide for homeowners. Prior to a pool demolition, it’s important to create an environment that is safe and easy to work in to help the project move smoothly.

Pool removals can take anywhere from three days to a full week, depending on whether you’ve selected a full or partial pool removal. In either case, preparing the working environment before the project begins is essential. This ensures that contractors and their crews will be able to safely navigate your yard, organize their materials, and get the job done on time. Failing to get ready for your pool removal could cause expensive delays and require rescheduling the start of your pool demolition.

First, ensure that your yard has a clear access way to the pool so that machinery and trucks will be able to get through easily. Alert your contractor ahead of time if the access area is narrow, as they may need to bring different equipment. Clear the yard of any overhanging trees or branches that could get in the way, and remove backyard items you want to keep safe or that may impede pool access. Don’t water your lawn in the days leading up to the pool removal to keep the ground dry and stable enough for trucks and other equipment. Before the project begins, let your neighbors know that they should expect some noise in the next week, and if you have children or pets, be sure they remain indoors while the demolition crew is working. Finally, turn off the pool pump and remove any other pool accessories from the area.

Speak to the pool removal contractors at Dirt Connections for more information about preparing for a pool removal or to schedule a pool removal service. The company’s experienced contractors can help you choose the right type of pool removal service, advise you on how to prepare for the removal, and answer any other questions you may have about what to expect from the pool removal process. Visit Dirt Connections online at, or call 703-828-0866 for more information. They are headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360-A211, Fairfax, VA 22030.



The Virginia pool demolition contractors at Dirt Connections recently released a preparation guide for homeowners who have scheduled a pool removal service

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