VDOSH Makes Investment In Conektto, A Low-Code API Design Platform

vdosh investment in conektto API design platform
November 2, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Encino, CA — Conektto has received funding from VDOSH, a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, according to a recent announcement. Ram Sathia and Amol Dewhare, who were both involved in the company’s founding, are credited with developing the first and only platform. With only one click, this enables the generation of API lifetime artifacts throughout the entire process.

This easier, more intelligent, more cost-effective, and more expedient method of managing API projects. It will have a favorable impact on the way professionals in the field of the digital transformation approach the work that they conduct.

Built from the ground up, the Conektto platform allows users to build and test API effortlessly through hyper-automation. With a single click, IT processes are automated utilizing patent-pending technology. “As a primarily tech-focused venture capital firm, VDOSH recognizes how Conektto’s platform will dramatically improve the API process. Which will create significant demand in the marketplace for their technology,” says Managing Partner, Vishal Arora.

85% of internet traffic is all API. Designing, building and testing API has to be simple and collaborative. Amol Dewhare, Chief Executive Officer of Conektto states “drawing on our decades of experience in designing, building and testing API. We knew there was a much simpler, smarter and more importantly collaborative way. Hence we built our platform for Product Managers, Architects, Developers, Testers and DevOps to come together to build API effortlessly.

The investment by VDOSH venture capital firm enables us to grow and scale our company at a faster pace.” He continues to share, “great things happen when you bring great people together. Our team is excited to change the way that professionals approach their API needs.”

VDOSH is a venture capital firm, which gives investors the opportunity to invest in promising new startup companies alongside major players in the industry through VDOSH Fund. For its entrepreneurs, it provides an efficient funding process and instantaneous access to a well-established network of investors and influencers.


VDOSH has announced its investment in Conektto. Co-Founders Ram Sathia and Amol Dewhare have developed the first and only platform that provides end-to-end API lifecycle artifacts generation with a single click.

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