Offering a First of its Kind VAS Offering in a Hyper-Competitive Market

VAS Offering

February, 16 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) India has witnessed the most aggressive push of telecom services at rock-bottom prices that has led to market consolidation as well as mad rush to retain subscribers by the leading operators. For Vodafone Idea Ltd, the largest Operator, we have enabled a unique Value Added Service for their post-paid subscribers who are iPhone users – The iPhone Forever Program.

What is iPhone Forever Program?

If you own an iPhone and are a postpaid subscriber of Vodafone Idea Ltd (VIL), then this Program is tailor-made for you. Once you activate this plan by signing up for the specially designed tariff plan, there are several benefits on offer. Vodafone RED & Idea Nirvana subscribers can enjoy the benefits of getting a like-to-like replacement of their damaged iPhone or upgrade your iPhone at a very competitive price. You can even transfer the benefits of this plan to the new iPhone. This will enhance consumers’ iPhone ownership experience, ensuring no downtime and maximum savings when upgrading from an older model to a new one.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Get a free* like-to-like replacement iPhone in case of damage at your doorstep
  • Subscribers can choose to upgrade their iPhone by paying only the differential amount
  • Immediate eligibility to upgrade your existing iPhone, no need to wait for any time period
  • For repair options, all repairs done at only Apple Authorised Service Providers
  • App and web-based customer assistance solutions to avail all benefits of the plan
  • Doorstep delivery of like-to-like replacement or an upgraded new iPhone
  • Zero paperwork and a cashless system that works with major digital payment options

What sets this program apart from the rest?

Besides the fact that this program was conceived by partnering with Vodafone and Apple, the primary benefit is the absolute ease of using, activating and availing the program benefits. The entire process can be completed with just a few taps on the App or even on the web.

We are also offering hassle-free doorstep exchange of old iPhone with a new one as well as free home pick-up and drop for repair instances. A user will have a phone at all times, making the process very convenient. This is not only a first for Servify but a first for the entire industry.

Our new diagnostics – Mirror Test & Screen Pressure Test allows us to remotely check for screen damage. This allows us to accept all phones (without a check on purchase date) into the program!

Ready to be a part of iForever?

Vodafone users can download and install the app from here, while Idea users can click here. Why wait when you can start enjoying the benefits as iPhone users, right away?

* For iPhone 5s and above models


Get a free* like-to-like replacement iPhone in case of damage at your doorstep

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