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October 30, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Fort Walton Beach, FL – Getting a favorable cell tower lease can be a complicated process. Most property owners aren’t accustomed to dealing with high-pressure wireless telecommunication companies, and don’t realize the deck is stacked against them. But now, Tower Genius, a leading cell tower lease consultancy in the USA, is helping property owners get favorable cell tower leases, by providing specialized transactional consulting and coaching services during negotiations.

Cell Tower Lease Rents

“According to the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), there are going to be 800,000 small cell towers in operation by 2026, and this explains why carriers and tower companies are putting so much pressure on cell tower landlords to give them huge rent reductions, and are sending out thousands of intimidating “lease optimization letters” asking for twenty to thirty percent rent reductions, or “rent guarantees”. But many property owners don’t know the true value of cell tower lease rents, so they’re prone to accepting lease optimization deals under the fear of their cell tower leases being terminated or the cell tower being relocated.”

“That’s exactly why we started our consultancy over fifteen years ago. We want to help property owners get the best lease terms from companies who can certainly afford to pay a fair rental rate, and not get taken advantage of.” This coming from Steve Kazella, Managing Partner at Tower Genius. This cell tower lease consultant has been working with property owners in the USA since 2008, and they know the ins and outs of these rent reduction letters as well as evaluating cell tower lease buyout offer letters that are regularly sent to landlords. They essentially act as coaches, instructing their clients on how to get the best deal.

Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella manage the firm, and both men have decades of years’ experience in the telecommunications leasing and wireless infrastructure industry. “We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and we’ve encountered every conceivable scenario. So there’s no problem, challenge, or question we can’t handle. After reviewing your cell site lease proposal, we can come up with a solid valuation and negotiating strategy,” added Kevin Donohue, Partner for Tower Genius.

About Tower Genius

Tower Genius, a top-rated cell tower lease advisor in the USA, helps property owners who are looking for attractive cell tower lease terms. They can also help with cell tower lease buyouts and everything else related to leases.




Tower Genius, the premier cell tower lease consulting firm in the USA, assists property owners who want to avoid getting taken advantage of during cell tower lease negotiations.

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