Touchwood Group Redefines Business Consultancy Through Brand & Beeyond, The First Strategic Unmarketing Agency in India

Touchwood Group
December 1, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Touchwood Group, one of the leading players in Hospitality & Real Estate is all set to redefine the business consultancy space with the launch of Brand & Beeyond, India’s first strategic unmarketing Agency. However, this pioneering endeavor marks the end of the typical way, set to restructure marketing systems for future organizations. Brand & Beeyond is leading on management consulting and branding emerging from Touchwood Group’s success on hospitality and real estate from its roots.

A Vision Beyond Conventional Branding

The suite of services offered by Brand & Beeyond goes beyond the surface, delving into the very core of brand establishment and evolution:

1. Brand Foundation

This agency defines the core values of different brands to make them more firm in the market.

2. Brand Positioning

Strategic positioning means placing the brands so that they can have an impact where needed and be relevant to the consumers.

3. Brand Go-To-Market Strategy

Through Brand & Beeyond, business entities take their initial steps towards crafting comprehensive strategies for successful market entry and sustained growth.

Synergy With Business & Beeyond

As part of Business & Beeyond, a strategic management consulting firm dedicated to holistic corporate wellness for MSMEs, Brand & Beeyond stands as the embodiment of tailored, thoughtful, and timeless solutions. The mission to support MSMEs with all-encompassing services is at the heart of Business & Beeyond’s operations.

Setting A New Benchmark

What truly sets Brand & Beeyond apart is its unique approach:

1. Local Intelligence With Global Vision

At this point, the business agency utilizes local views of the world to support their marketing strategies in relation to different territories.

2. Collective Entrepreneurial Experience

While Brand & Beeyond has a total of 37 years of cumulated experience spanning across more than 12 different industries, this has allowed the company to share some insights that have been gained from the various areas of services they offer.

3. Proven Success Across Diverse Sectors

Brand & Beeyond has been successful with a hundred-plus companies from more than ten sectors.

A Visionary Partner In Transformation

Therefore, Brand & Beeyond exceeds that of an ordinary branding agency, it becomes a revolutionary partner that brings change to brands. Using innovation and a unique approach, Brand &Beyond leads change in brand strategy and consulting of management. The agency aspires for a time when success is recreated by businesses again.

Through its distinctive practices, it aims to build such a future. Brand & Beeyond is committed and ready with a high level of experience to help businesses into a new era of branding with the best and most strategic unmarketing, making benchmarks that have no match in the busy world of business.

About Touchwood Group

A leading player within the hospitality and housing industry, Touchwood Group has long been known for its superior quality and cutting-edge approaches.

About Brand & Beeyond

Touchwood Group presents Brand & Beeyond which is India’s first strategic unmarketing agency aiming at re-writing the future of business consultancy across modern and unique lines.


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