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04 September 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – MedicalAid is an online platform that offers an effective comparison between the top medical schemes in South Africa. The best schemes provided by the top brands throughout the country are available. The online platform assists people in finding the best medical cover as per their healthcare requirements and budget.

What MedicalAid Offers?
The online platform offers a number of services for users:

  • They offer an effective way to compare the cost of top health schemes under one roof.
  • They offer an opportunity for medical scheme options from different health insurance providers.
  • The online platform offers information on different medical schemes, helping users to select the right one.
  • Prices can be compared in just three easy steps.
  • They also provide professional advice on request to buy the best medical scheme.

Popular MedicalAid Schemes

It is a leading medical cover brand in South Africa. The health scheme is operated by PPS Healthcare. They offer five major packages covering the most essential medical aid benefits. Another additional health booster package is also offered by the company. All the health cover packages are designed to be “simple, but effective”.

Discovery Health
This is the largest medical scheme in South Africa, catering to 2.7 million members. Their current market share is above 50%. It is operated under the influence of shared value model, which is aimed at providing all required health benefits to the members and creating a healthier society overall. They offer 23 options, which includes unlimited cover in private hospitals and variety of other benefits.

FedHealth is a medical scheme, administered by Medscheme. It was founded in the year 1936 and is one of the most popular schemes of South Africa. They have a wide range of options to cover every specific need of different people. From the young and single ones to the elderly, they offer comprehensive medical cover for all.

It is one of the top open medical schemes in South Africa. It has above 110 years’ experience in the specific healthcare industry. They have more than 200000 members. It offers 10 medical cover options that include a large assortment of medical benefits. The scheme is aimed at providing effective yet affordable health cover.

Momentum Health
Being a leading brand in South Africa’s health cover industry, Momentum Health Scheme is focused on the health of the members. It is operated by MMI Health. They offer six package options to provide their members access to affordable health benefits.

To compare and avail the best medical cover across South Africa, please visit the website

About the Website:
MedicalAid is an online platform to assist the users accessing any of the leading medical schemes in South Africa. It allows the users to get free quotations and compare the premiums in simple steps so that they can choose one which fits their budget and needs.

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MedicalAid is an online platform that offers an effective comparison between the top medical schemes in South Africa.

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