You Need to know About Cardiac Surgery by Dr. Jigar K Shah

things to know about cardiac surgery
August 17, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Heart surgery or Cardiac surgery, often known as cardiovascular surgery, is surgery performed on the heart or major blood vessels by cardiac surgeons. It is frequently used to treat ischemic heart disease consequences (for example, with coronary artery bypass grafting); to rectify congenital heart disease; or to treat valvular heart disease caused by a variety of conditions such as endocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, and atherosclerosis. Heart transplantation is also included.

What is a Cardiac Surgeon?

A surgeon who operates on the heart and the main blood arteries surrounding it is a cardiac surgeon. A cardiac surgeon may belong to one of the numerous medical specialties, some of which have similar areas of interest.

What is Cardiac Surgery?

Any surgical treatment done on your heart or any blood arteries close to where they connect to the heart is referred to as cardiac surgery. These operations sometimes may include the organs or tissues right near the heart.

What Varieties of Cardiac Surgeons Are There?

Cardiac surgeons often fall under one of two categories. While there are numerous overlaps and similarities in their practices, there are also a few key differences that separate them into different categories.

1. Cardiothoracic Surgeon

This area of surgery is often known as a general thoracic surgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon. The word “thorax” is Greek for “chest.” Cardiothoracic surgeons are experts in performing operations on the majority of organs and tissues found in the chest, as the name suggests. This can involve operations on the lungs, oesophagus (which connects your mouth to your stomach), trachea, lungs, heart, and associated major blood vessels (windpipe). Some thoracic surgeons may decide to limit their attention to problems affecting the heart, pericardium, and main cardiac blood arteries. Others might prefer to concentrate on issues unrelated to the heart and important blood arteries.

2. Pediatric And Congenital Heart Surgeon

A congenital or pediatric cardiac surgeon is one who specializes in treating structural flaws or defects that exist in newborns. Heart valve issues, perforations in the walls separating the heart’s chambers, and other issues are examples of this.

Since a congenital heart issue diagnosis frequently occurs when a person is an adult, certain surgeons concentrate on performing these operations on adults, while others are experts in performing these operations on children, infants, and newborns. Compared to cardiac surgeons who work only on adults, pediatric heart surgeons have a particularly specialized profession. Best Cardiac Hospital has a Pediatric Cardiologist in Lucknow.

What is The Need for a Cardiac Surgery?

A medical procedure called cardiac surgery often called a heart operation, is carried out to address a heart-related health problem by the Best Heart Specialist in Lucknow. Today Cardiac Surgeons in Lucknow along with Pediatric Cardiologists in Lucknow are providing the best cardiac care to patients of all ages.

The Following Techniques Can be Performed During Heart Surgery:

  1. Repairing a congenital (a hole in the heart) or acquired cardiac defect
  2. Improving blood pressure by repairing the heart valves that control blood flow to and from the heart.
  3. A cardiac operation that involves implanting a device, like a stent, in the heart to stabilize and restore normal heart function. This type of heart surgery is prevalent.
  4. A heart transplant, in which a recipient’s damaged heart is replaced by a healthy donor heart.

These are a handful of the techniques used to treat cardiovascular conditions by the Best Heart Specialists in Lucknow. These operations are very sensitive because they involve fixing a very intricate and well-coordinated bodily system. The best heart specialist in Lucknow has the most cutting-edge medical equipment and exceptionally talented cardiac surgeons with years of expertise who help in the efficient detection and treatment of such diseases.

Typical Cardiac Surgery Techniques

Invasive, non-invasive, or interventional cardiac procedures come in a wide variety. Some of the most popular coronary surgical procedures are listed here.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG): A healthy artery or vein from any healthy area of your body is connected by a surgeon during coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), one of the most popular types of heart surgery, to send blood beyond the blocked coronary artery. By avoiding the narrowed area of the coronary artery, the grafted artery or vein establishes a new route for blood flow to the heart muscle. This is frequently carried out during a single surgery on many coronary arteries. Heart bypass or coronary artery bypass surgery are additional names for CABG.

Heart Valve Repair or Replacement:

By employing a synthetic or biological valve created from pig, cow, or human heart tissue, surgeons can either repair or replace the valve. One therapy option involves inserting a catheter into a big blood vessel, guiding it to the heart, then expanding and deflating a tiny balloon at the catheter’s tip to widen a tight valve.

Insertion of a Pacemaker or An Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD):

When the heart has arrhythmia, it either beats too rapidly, too slowly or in an irregular rhythm. The first line of defense for this illness is typically medication. If the medicine is unsuccessful, a surgeon may implant a pacemaker under the chest or abdomen, with wires linking it to the heart chambers. The technology uses electrical pulses to regulate an irregular heart rhythm when it is detected by a detector. But when an ICD detects a risky arrhythmia, it delivers an electric shock to restore the heart rate to normal.

Maze Surgery: Using the upper chambers of the heart, a surgeon may make a pattern of scar tissue. This treatment is used to reroute electrical pulses along a planned and managed path that leads to the lower chambers of the heart. Atrial fibrillation is a deadly arrhythmia that is frequently caused by errant electric impulses. This operation stops all errant electric impulses.

Aneurysm repair: To fix a large balloon-shaped bulge in either of the two locations, a weak or damaged section of an artery or the heart wall is replaced with a graft. Aneurysms can be fatal, thus this operation is done to treat them.

Heart transplant: The patient’s diseased heart is removed and replaced by a donor heart that is new, healthy, and capable of beating. This is carried out under highly difficult circumstances because it is typically quite challenging to find a healthy heart that is compatible with the patient.

Heart operations require a great deal of precision and skill, which only years of experience can provide. A devoted team of skilled cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeon In Lucknow top heart surgery hospital can make your road to recovery less tense and terrifying.

Surgical Risks for The Heart:

Almost all cardiac surgeries are big operations, thus complications are almost always a part of them. The majority of these are treatable with the right post-care procedures and medications. While worry before heart surgery is typical, many individuals also experience anxiety after the procedure. While healing takes time and most heart surgeries are successful. There is always a chance that there will be some difficulties along the way to recovery.

The Following Common Dangers Are Noted in Some Instances:
  1. Internal bleeding.
  2. Adverse effects of anesthesia.
  3. Injury to the heart, kidney, lungs, or liver tissues.
  4. Seizures or strokes.
  5. Death in situations of great severity or in patients at high risk.

If you have additional illnesses like diabetes, peripheral artery disease, lung disease, or renal disease. Your risk of developing any of the aforementioned disorders is significantly increased.

Consult a physician at the top cardiac surgery facility in Lucknow for a relaxing, thorough, and stress-free procedure.


Cardiac surgery is a high-risk procedure and is typically performed only on some patients. The ones having severe symptoms that cannot be treated with medications or other treatments. Best Cardiac Surgeons in Lucknow are helping many patients get the best cardiac care through their expertise.


Cardiac surgery is a high-risk procedure and is typically performed only on patients who have severe symptoms that cannot be treated with medications or other treatments.

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