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August 12, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

New York, NY  – US-based online class taker, Take My Online Class helps students complete their homework and tests and negotiates the lowest rate possible. They promise to keep the tutor accountable.

“When students ask an online class taker from Take My Online Class to complete homework, the team verifies the client’s funds and holds each payment in escrow until the work is completed to the student’s satisfaction. This protects students from scammers who may steal the client’s personal information, forget about the homework, or send plagiarized homework. The guarantee also extends to homework quality – if the assignment is not completed within the promised time or if the homework is not worth an A or B, students get their money back,” says a spokesperson for taking My Online Class. Since we refuse to work with scammers, grade agreements rarely go unfulfilled.

To hire a class taker online, students must compare services offered by different providers via the Take My Online Class Get Quote Engine. Once the tutor is chosen, the client must choose the Reserve Now button next to the preferred group. Online class takers at the Take My Online Class will coordinate with the student to discuss the best price and grade. “The client must pay for the first installment while the money is held in an escrow account so that the tutor gets to work immediately. If at any point the tutor does not hold his end of the promise, the student can pick a new provider, and we’ll restart the negotiations,” he adds.

Online class takers at Take My Online Class offers assistance with over twenty subjects, including algebra, English, calculus, economics, accounting, and finance. Some of the services that tutors provide include offline and online tests, homework assignments, project reports, academic papers, essays, and group projects. The tutors can work on individual tasks or complete the entire course.

Since the team is very careful about privacy, students need not worry about misusing their personal information. They have to enter their information afresh every time they need to hire a class taker online.

About Take My Online Class:

Take My Online Class is a US-based class taker online offering assistance with homework and tests. The online class takers promise to earn good grades or return the client’s money.



Students looking to hire Take My Online Class can be assured of guaranteed service. If a class taker online does not fulfill their part of their promise, the money is withheld from the tutor.

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