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20 August 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Furniture Depot is a popular name in South Africa. The company offers a wide range of furniture that adds style to any home or office. Products supplied by Furniture Depot include office chairs, stacker chairs, barstools, benches etc. The company designs and manufactures their products in-house.

Integral Skin Polyurethane Moulded Foam Process:
This system introduced by Furniture Depot makes its furniture better. They use a robust steel frame and in-mould it with a polyurethane mix. This procedure creates a thick outer skin with a soft interior. While this method is used in seating, it provides the user great convenience, support and comfort.

Products offered by Furniture Depot
Furniture Depot specialises in making efficient office furniture for both corporate offices and home offices. Products provided by them are:

Office chairs
Furniture Depot offers an extensive range of office chairs with the brilliant ergonomic features that allows the chairs to increase and decrease their height as the user requires. Available in some elegant designs, these chairs are durable and comfortable. These are designed specifically for regular office employees who spend several hours sitting in the same chair. Designed with soft skin foam, the chairs provide decent support to the lumbar region and reduce problems associated with sitting in a chair all day like muscular strain or back pain. Furniture Depot offers chairs in various structural designs like high, low and mid backs as well as round, square and oval seats.

Office desks
Furniture Depot offers customised desks to their clients for home and office use. The desks are made of steel frame with chrome or epoxy coating that makes them more durable. These desks are manufactured with customised designs based on the clients’ individual specifications and requirements. Some of the desks are equipped with shelves. Available desks at Furniture Depot are:

  • Combo desks.
  • Hairpin desks.
  • Flat bar desks.
  • Square tubing desks.

Apart from office furniture, the company also offers seating arrangements for restaurant, such as –

Stacker chairs
Versatile, lightweight and compact stacker chairs offered by Furniture Depot are available in a vast range of colours. Using both skin foam and plastic in the seat and the back, these chairs provide utmost comfort to the customers.

Furniture Depot also offers barstools, benches, iconic chairs, tables etc. To know more about the products of Furniture Depot, visit their website:

About Furniture Depot
Furniture Depot is one of the leading sources of high-quality furniture. They aim to manufacture and supply ideal office furniture to their clients to enhance the productivity of the office. Their products are available in various styles and colours to meet the tastes and requirements of the client.

3 Linton Close, Beaconvale, Parow, Cape Town
7500, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 219332076


Furniture Depot is a popular name in South Africa. The company offers a wide range of furniture that adds style to any home or office.

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