Steps Crucial For Staining Your Wooden Deck

staining your wooden deck
November 15, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Staining your wooden desk is an easy task but can turn into a nightmare if you don’t do it properly. It is very important to stain your wooden deck so that it does not lose its original lustre and glow. It also helps your deck with a long life.

My Home Handyman deck builders Calgary provides you with tips on how to stain your wooden deck:

Tips On How To Stain Your Wooden Deck

1) Clean The Deck:

It is essential to clean the deck before applying any stain or paint on it. Make sure to remove any furniture and other decor items from the deck. Sweep the deck to remove loose dust and fallen leaves. To remove the girt and sticky dirt, use a wood cleaner. Apply the wood cleaner on the surface and keep it still for around 15 minutes. Wash it after 15 minutes. This will ensure that the dirt and grit are washed away and the deck is ready for the next step.

2) Examine The Deck:

Once the deck is clean, it is very easy to examine it. Closely inspect for any broken areas with rotted or wrapped wood. Also, look out for any exposed nails or screws. Make sure to remove them before starting your staining process.

3) Start Staining- First The Raised Areas:

When it comes to staining, always start staining the raised areas such as railings, spindles, etc. Don’t forget to use painter’s tape to cover areas that are not to be stained. Stain using long strokes and short strokes. Make sure that you stain the inner railings and grab rails.

4) Stain Deck Board:

After staining the raised areas, it is time to stain the deck board. Make sure that you are staining towards an area from where you can exit. Don’t stain in random directions and end up in a closed corner.

5) Stain The Stairs:

Lastly, stain the stairs. This is because the stairs are the exit of any deck board. It is recommended to use large brush paints for stairs. A single coat is optimal but a double coat also works if needed.

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