SREE UGCL Embarks on a Game-Changing Odyssey: Fresh Leadership, Strategic Diversification, and Soaring Financial Momentum!

December 18, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED, a key player in the corporate landscape, is embarking on a transformative journey to redefine its financial future through a series of strategic initiatives. This strategic evolution, characterized by forward-thinking leadership, foray into cutting-edge sectors, and aspirations for a listing, marks a crucial phase in the company’s growth.

Leadership Transforms For Financial Resilience

The appointment of Mr. Myneni Vamsidhar, Founder Director, as Chairman signifies more than a leadership change; it reflects a commitment to a financially resilient future. Supported by a rejuvenated leadership team, including a visionary CEO and a CFO with diverse expertise, the company is poised for sustained financial growth. This leadership shift is pivotal in steering the company towards a future defined by financial strength and success.

Strategic Diversification Enhances Market Resilience

Renowned for excellence in EPC Projects, SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED is venturing into Aerospace & Defence, Mining, Real Estate, and Food Products. This strategic diversification aims to fortify the company’s market position, ensuring resilience in the face of economic fluctuations. The company is not merely adapting to change but leading the industry in reshaping norms.

Valuation Surge Attracts High Net Worth Individuals

With book value capital surging to 140 Crores and an approximate valuation of 400 Crores, the company achieves more than a financial milestone – it attests to its strength and appeal to influential High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). This capital influx not only reinforces the company’s financial standing but also reflects the trust and confidence of investors in the strategic direction set by the visionary leadership.

Operational Efficiency Through Strategic Relocation

The relocation of the company‘s headquarters to New Delhi is more than a change of address; it is a strategic move aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. This decision aligns seamlessly with the company’s commitment to streamlining operations and adopting a more centralized approach to business expansion. It is about creating an operational hub geared for efficiency and innovation.

Listing Aspirations For Market Prominence

SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED sets its sights high as it aims for a listing by the fiscal year 2025-26. This ambitious financial milestone is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to market prominence and financial excellence. It signifies not just a listing but a strategic goal symbolizing sustained growth and stability.

Expressing Gratitude And Extending Collaboration

Amidst these transformative financial endeavors, SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED expresses heartfelt gratitude to its stakeholders and partners who have played a pivotal role in the company’s success. The company extends an invitation to collaborators, urging them to be part of this financial success story. The promise is not just financial resilience; it is a transformative experience marked by innovation and collaborative triumph.

SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED welcomes the business community, investors, and collaborators to join hands in shaping this new financial horizon. As the company propels forward with visionary leadership, strategic diversification, and ambitious aspirations, it promises a journey marked by financial excellence and collaborative success.


SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMTED is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specializing in various sectors, including EPC Projects, Aerospace & Defence, Mining, Real Estate, and Food Products. Committed to innovation and transformation, the company aims to diversify, grow, and create value for its stakeholders in the ever-evolving business landscape. Welcome to the new era of SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED, where together, new heights and remarkable success await.


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Under the visionary leadership of Chairman Mr. Myneni Vamsidhar, SREE UGCL PROJECTS LIMITED is undergoing a transformative metamorphosis, expanding into pivotal sectors to redefine its financial future through strategic initiatives.

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