Spice Basket – the best online market to buy spices has launched


Kerala, India (prsubmissionsite) October 8, 2019  – Spice basket is the new eCommerce website that sell spices online. Even though there are many online websites that sell spices, the quality of spices they provide is often very bad. That is where spice basket came into picture. The USP of spice basket is the quality of their spices. They are collecting spices directly from farmers. So one can ensure that proper quality is ensured.

Another aspect of why spice basket differentiate from other online spice sellers is that they have much more social responsibility. Majority of the money that you spend on spice basket is going directly to educate farmers.

“Our mission is to revolutionize Indian farming. We are not aiming to make profit for ourselves. We are selling spices in order to make money so that we can educate the farmers in India and equip them with better farming practices and technologies.”
– Bibin Xavier, CEO of Spice Basket

When you think about buying Kerala spices online, think about Spice Basket. They are giving a special introduction offer. Use the promo code GIFT4YOU and get 10% discount on your first purchase.


Spice basket sell high quality Kerala spices online all around India.

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