Indian Startup Launches No-Code Streaming App Builder ‘Skara’ to Solve Video Distribution and Monetization Problems of Creators and Businesses

February 9, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

India-based startup Flixbox launched a no-code platform to build video streaming apps and websites for creators and businesses in need of a reliable and robust system to distribute and monetize their video content. The platform, Skara, is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and time-effective alternative to building such an app from scratch. Which can cost anything beyond 10,000 USD and six months to a year of effort.

Transparent Pricing Model

With a transparent pricing model and zero-commission charge. Skara ensures creators are in complete control of what they create and earn. “The entry barrier for anyone who wants to launch a streaming service for their brand is enormous. Cost being the major deterrent in most cases, creators are left with the option to either go with monetization platforms like Patreon that charge a percentage of their earnings or stick to video streaming websites like YouTube that pay them a portion of the ad revenue,” says Ankita Saikia, co-founder at Skara.

“That is the problem we exactly solve,” she adds. Currently onboarding users to their beta program. Skara is constantly optimizing the platform to fit the requirements of videopreneurs. From creating tiered-subscription plans to accessing video performance data. The features being offered enable every creator to manage their streaming app efficiently and without the need of extra technical handholding.


“We’ve paid special attention to making Skara as intuitive as any other popular applications people are accustomed to,” says Poragjyoti Gogoi, co-founder and head of design. “The idea is to make it the DIY app builder, accessible for all, regardless of the technical knowledge they have. On top of that, we are constantly optimizing it to increase the usability quotient based on feedback we receive and our own research.” Gogoi says.

With incidents of video demonetization and alleged unfair censorship by popular streaming websites including YouTube and Twitch on the rise. Skara’s offering is directed towards the community of creators planning to grow beyond just these free alternatives. The white-label apps and websites available to its users are easy-to-customize to fit brands. The infrastructure is built keeping in mind the robustness, security, and scalability expected from premium streaming apps.

The Skara Beta program is open to creators and businesses, and as beta users, they can avail of the premium features at an introductory price.

About Flixbox

Flixbox Solutions LLP is an Indian company based in Assam, India. It is building tools, platforms, and infrastructure to bridge the gaps in video hosting, distribution, and monetization.


Skara empowers video creators to launch their branded streaming apps and websites in minutes and start monetizing their content instantly.

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