Simpliv offers value-added online classroom Python Programming Certification course

Python Programming Certification Course

December 21, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Simpliv, a renowned video platform for online learning, is offering Python Programming Certification course. Starting February 25, 2019, this online classroom course will be spread over two weeks from Monday to Friday, with a class being of a three-hour duration from 7 to 10 PM IST on each of these days.

The main intention behind offering this course in this phased manner is to help working professionals enhance their knowledge and understanding of Python without having to sacrifice their work schedule. Learners who complete this course will be earning a certificate which will be of substantial value in helping them scale up in their professional career.

Value add for Python professionals

This Python Programming Certification course from Simpliv is expected to go a long way in enhancing the career profiles of Python professionals. Simpliv has created this course with the intention of making Python professionals more industry-ready by offering them the most relevant and updated learning with regard to Python programming. The subject matter experts offering this course will make Python learning fun and interactive over the 30-hour duration over which it is going to be taught.

Although aimed at professionals in these positions, Simpliv does not expect any of its learners to have any prerequisite knowledge of the subject. All that is needed is some elementary knowledge of programming. Simpliv only expects learners to have a passion for Python programming.

About Python

Python is a program of tremendous flexibility and ease of learning. It does not require the use of codes for many of its functions, which can be written in English that even a nonprofessional can understand and create. Since it supports both structured and object-oriented programming; it is suited for the social media, of which we see billions of pages all over the www.

Over the past five years, Python’s growth has been so incredibly high that it is now acknowledged as the fastest growing programming language in the world, especially in the developed world. This doesn’t mean that it is not growing in the developing world. It is growing here, too. One of the crucial reasons for which Python is growing at such a breakneck speed is that it complements areas of tremendous growth, such as Machine Learning, deep learning and data science. It is no wonder that Python professionals are among the highest paid in the IT sector anywhere in the world.

Given its ability and adaptability, Python is used extensively in areas that require automation. Being a general-purpose program, it can be used for both desktop and web applications. It is also suited for a variety of Open Source frameworks and tools, helping to reduce the cost of software development very noticeably.

The course

This Python Programming Certification course from Simpliv is designed to make it accessible and easy for working Python professionals. Their busy workday schedule is one of the core reasons for which Simpliv has designed this Python Programming Certification course at such convenience from Monday to Friday, so that they can revise and add to their learning over the weekend.

Over the two weeks of this Python Programming Certification course, Simpliv will help learners understand everything about Python programming. Armed with the realization that Python programming is best grasped when examples are given, Simpliv has loaded this course with several examples. Learners who complete this course will be able to put Python to the highest use one can think of putting it to, be it GUI, software web development, system admin, development, or just any other area.

Professionals such as Programmers, Developers, Technical Leads, Business Intelligence Managers, Architects, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Freshers will gain familiarity with the basics of Python from this Python Programming Certification course.

This course on from Simpliv will cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to Python
    • Various datatypes in Python
    • Lists
    • Tuples
    • Dictionaries
    • Sets
  • Core programming concepts
    • While Loops
    • For Loops
    • If Else Statements
  • Objects in Python
    • Matrix
    • Data Frames
  • Visualizations in Python
    • Introduction to Seaborn
    • Introduction to Matplotlib
    • JointPlot
    • Histogram
    • Stacked Histogram
    • KDE Plot
    • SubPlot
    • ViolinPlot
    • BoxPlot
  • Packages in Python
    • Numpy
    • Matplotlib
    • Pandas
    • Seaborn
    • Sklearn
  • Matrix operations
  • Dataframes
    • Joins and manipulations in Dataframes
    • iloc in Python

This course offers all these for just ₹9999. This special price is inclusive of a 40% discount. This offer is only for those enroll for this batch, outside of which this course will be priced at ₹16,665.

About Simpliv

Simpliv is a reputed video learning platform. It is based in Fremont, CA. Simpliv has been at the forefront of offering online learning in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) space. Simpliv is designed to help people from all walks of life, locations, ages and educational and economic strata gain the benefit of learning. Keeping this in mind, it has designed courses that are of varied use to a large number of people around the world. The courses are priced for every pocket. While a majority of Simpliv’s courses are priced in single digits, many of its courses are free, too.

Simpliv is driven by the zeal and passion of bringing education within everyone’s reach. It wants to remove barriers to learning not only in terms of cost or the range of people it wants to imbibe learning into; it wants to also ensure that no topic or subject of interest to any learner is excluded from its list of courses.

Simpliv brings courses on just any topic that one could find an interest in. These range from astrology to fitness and from public presentation to money management. In other words, Simpliv is determined to ensure that no one on this planet should be excluded from the benefit of education on simply anything one wants to learn.

Simpliv’s courses are offered by well-known industry experts. Most of its courses are certified. This is to ensure that the courses are valuable in every sense.

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