Why do Businesses Choose Shopify For E-Commerce Store?

December 19, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Shopify is one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms for new online stores and businesses. It comes with rich features and easy-to-use functions for the development of an e-commerce store. Several e-commerce businesses today use e-commerce Shopify stores to increase their business sales and generate huge traffic. Let us further study the cost of using Shopify e-commerce and how this platform is beneficial for businesses.

Cost Of Using The Shopify Platform

The basic plan of the Shopify tool starts from $29 per month whereas advanced plans cost around $299 every month. Apart from that, the platform also levies two types of other fees on the turnover. This platform offers a free plan for 14 days to small businesses. In addition, large businesses can choose the Shopify Plus plan. This plan costs around $2000 every month and offers 24-hour customer support. You will also gain many other benefits in this plan to scale your online business and grow your business sales.

Reasons To Choose Shopify For E-commerce Business

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform for growing businesses and startups. It makes it easy to build an e-commerce store and handle payments for online businesses. The major reasons to choose Shopify for e-commerce business are:

1. Scalability Of The business

Shopify can be used to scale any business. You can use this platform when the business grows in size. This platform will perform even better with the business growth. It provides different plans at additional hosting prices. Shopify Plus is a good option for large and medium-sized online businesses and comes with various features like site security and bandwidth limits. It also offers a seamless user experience to customers while buying things from online stores.

2. Simple To Use Tool

Another benefit of using this platform is its easy-to-use interface. This platform comes with a plug-and-play option to develop an e-commerce store for the business. It includes numerous beautiful templates for businesses of different kinds. These templates will help to build engaging and responsive online stores for your business. Shopify is the best eCommerce platform that comes with themes that build a responsive website for any kind of business.

You will get free as well as paid themes in this platform for the development of websites. They come with customization options to build customized websites for businesses of various kinds. You have to just choose the theme of your choice and add sections with content to your store. Using the Shopify platform is easy for people who have basic computer skills like Excel and Word.

3. Mobile-Friendly Platform

One of the best reasons to choose this platform is its mobile-friendly interface. You can build e-commerce sites on various mobile devices with the help of this tool. It is simple for consumers to purchase products from their mobile phones by using the Shopify tool. You can choose the themes that suit the screens of the different mobile phones. You can choose business-focused themes that suit the needs of your business and its budget. They also allow you to expand your business in various countries.

4. Easy Cross-Channel Selling

Shopify gives an easy e-commerce solution to online businesses. It makes it simple to sell products on different platforms and online channels. Apart from that, you can also integrate the Shopify tool with other tools and platforms to increase business sales. Shopify grows online sales and establishes a connection with a huge audience.

5. Easy To Integrate

This platform can be easily integrated with multiple platforms and sites. You can use Shopify with CRM software, social media platforms, and other channels for e-commerce web development. You can use SEO and other techniques while building an e-commerce store. It helps to get a higher conversion on the website by converting inquiries into final sales. It also turns followers into potential customers.

6. Helps To Sell The Products Anywhere

With the help of this platform, you can promote the products and services with the help of Shopify features. You can sell products on various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook by using Shopify features. It is also possible to improve sales of your online business by adding analytics sources to your website. This is the best way of Social Media Marketing for new online businesses and stores.


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Shopify will provide various benefits to the business from easy integration to mobile-friendly interface. You can hire Shopify SEO Experts for your new business and online stores.

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