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Security is the major issue faced by every company when they start up their business as there are a high amount of chances of security breaching. We at ping identity provide excellent services for every type of company from small scale to multinational. Our main service includes single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. As the name suggests, the SSO Provider uses a single set of name and password for authenticating a different set of accounts like Google. It is beneficial for those whose server is internally connected like LAN network. While multi-factor authentication uses two or more tokens which includes biometric, face unlocking, smart card or OTP with a normal password, this method is gaining popularity as it is more secured and contains many important aspects which can be beneficial for the company.

Most of the people opt for easier passcodes so that they remember them easily, but they are liable to be stolen, for this person using single sign-on can choose SAML format as it eliminates all the codes and uses tokens instead like used in MFA Authentication. It is our primary responsibility to make products and provide services which are secure, resilient and assured. Every time our main motto is to raise the bar high enough so that we can breach that by providing the best service available.

The credentials given by the users are often shared with other websites to gain popularity, but this cause’s huge problem too for the user as the data and information gets compromised. However, we make sure that data is not shared with anyone as our main priority is customer security and satisfaction. SSO provider uses an open ID connect framework which enables to securely login using the id and password provided by OIDC. It is not controlled by any website. Therefore it is up to the user whether he or she wants to show their data or not and if yes then how much. All of this depends on a client to client. While chances of stealing the data from MFA is very slim as the password keeps on changing after every login, and the biometric of hands are very difficult to get, and the chances are that in thousand cases only one can breach this type of security. This is the reason why firms are opting MFA. The prices are on the expensive side when compared with SSO, but the level of security is higher. The latter is a faster and easier way of signing in while the former is a more secure way of doing it.

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The pingidentity offers many secured options like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and open ID connect depending from company to company. The services are top notch with no issues related to their security. They have a team of experts who know how to get the job done quickly and easily. They have branches all over the world.

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