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November 17, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Santa Ana, CA – Santa Ana residents seeking to pursue civil claims actions following devastating injuries or accidents need an attorney in their corner who will fight tooth and nail for a successful result. In Hector Ganedo, they have a local attorney who is highly experienced in leading from the front.

The Abogados de Accidentes y Lesiones Centro Justicia Legal has become the leading name of choice for those in Santa Ana on the personal injury law landscape. The legal team has more than 25 years of experience and represented plaintiffs in legal actions involving injuries or losses due to accidents, defective products, wage and hour abuse, negligence, and consumer fraud.

Personal Injury Law

One of their particular niche areas of expertise is advising victims of car accidents. Unsafe drivers must be held responsible for the damage and chaos they inflict on other people’s lives. With one in five car accidents in California occurring in Santa Ana, the company offers to champion accident victims’ rights.

The Abogados de Accidentes y Lesiones Centro Justicia Legal’s attorneys are not only passionate about upholding personal injury law, but have a collective reputation for success and compassion as it treats clients as individuals, not as case numbers. The legal team can seek a higher compensation settlement from the insurance company, help deal with insurance adjusters and advise on all the laws and statutes that could help their case.

First Consultation Is Free

The team works on a 100% contingency fee basis for personal injury cases, meaning the first consultation is free, and the client does not owe any upfront legal fees. The firm does not get paid until the end of the case and takes only a portion of a settlement or jury verdict.

The legal team lawyers have successfully resolved car accident claims involving intersection collisions, accidents caused by speeding, side-impact crashes, rollover accidents and high-speed highway accidents. They have also been engaged in the resolution of litigation related to personal injury, civil liability for injuries caused by pharmaceutical products, and consumer claims, in both federal and state courts.

Numerous Plaintiffs Committees

In mass tort matters, the team has successfully represented thousands of individuals injured by pharmaceutical products, substandard medical devices, and toxic waste. Mr Ganedo has also been recognized by his peers and called to serve on numerous plaintiffs’ committees in mass tort actions, including executive, expert, trial and class committees. Some of these processes have ended in agreements whose amounts are among the highest in history.

He has also represented plaintiff groups in class actions as class attorney, class counsel, or local counsel in numerous state and national actions. These include lawsuits for unpaid overtime, injuries caused by toxic substances, actions for damages for consumer deception, for losses suffered by shareholders, mismanagement of funerals, monopolistic practices, and abusive practices in banking entities. To book an appointment or to assess their scope of services:


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