Redbull PacMan Tournament


PacMan Tournament to be Featured at Emporium

– PacMan tournament hits local Chicago Barcade
– Win prizes and bragging rights

Chicago, IL, PR Submission Site ) November 12, 2018 — RedBull Esports in conjunction with I Play Games (IPG) is hosting a five series PacMan Tournament all across Chicago. The tournament kicks off November 1 at 7 pm, featuring a $100 gift card spendable at any Emporium location. The dates are Nov. 8, 15 & 29. We’re expecting hundreds are participants spared throughout the city.

The Redbull PacMan Tournament is just in time to promote Redbull’s new PacMan can. Esports are on the rise, but it’s always important to remember the classics. This tournament will give players a chance to get back to the basics. No combos, no super moves, and no extra buttons. Just them, the joystick and reflexes. The Redbull PacMan Tournament will consist of very a basic rule, get the highest score. There is no entry fee.

About the Company

IPG consistently hosts esports events and tournaments in and outside of the city of Chicago with companies like Reedpop, Capcom, and Redbull.

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