Wide Range Of Radiator Cabinets Is Now Available At Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

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January 25, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd, one of the leading providers of radiator covers and cabinets today, is thrilled to present the wide range of their items for sale. They offer traditional, modern PVC, and modern painted radiator cabinets.

For their traditional design range, this company offer products from Regency, Empire, Henley, and Chiltern which can all be purchased directly from their website. This range has been by far their most popular items because of its versatility. All of their traditional radiator cabinets are individually designed to fit perfectly in any setting as their aspects can be easily adjusted. This includes the width, height, and depth skirting detail. On top of that, these can also lend seamlessly to any backdrop.

As for their modern PVC cabinet range, Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd has the widest section of sizes and designs for this. The finishes of the items in this range are tougher and more durable compared to paint, making them scratch and water resistance and easy to clean.

For their modern painted radiator cabinets, they offer items finished in various colors or sheens. They can offer them with matt or high-gloss finishes, colored black ink or bright white, among others.

Aside from selling bespoke and well-made radiator covers, this company also provides assisted measuring service. According to them, “We are on hand to talk you through the choice of design options. If you’re ordering quite a number of cabinets, we can visit to measure with a full-size sample cabinet and a whole range of grille designs for you to choose from. This gives you a totally clear idea of the standard of radiator cover you can expect to receive and how it’s going to look in your home”.

Apart from on-site survey, interested parties can also send photos of the radiators they are planning to cover to ams@radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk. Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd requires two photos that show the front and side of the radiator. After close examination of these photos, they will then give professional advice on how the cabinet should be positioned as well as the required measurements by putting marks on the image which will be returned via email as well.

To learn more about this company as well as their available products and services, go to their website at www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk.

About Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd is a trusted provider of durable and exquisite radiator cabinets and covers. Because of the wide range of their available products, they are able to cater to different sectors, especially educational institutions and medical establishments. If interested in buying from this company, you can get in touch with them by sending a message to sales@radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk or calling 0161 370 4199. You can also fill out their online form at www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk/contact.


Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd is a trusted provider of durable and exquisite radiator cabinets and covers.

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