PS Group’s Commitment To The Environment And Education Extends To Nature Study Park

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November 28, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

PS Group’s Commitment to the Environment and Education Extends to Nature Study Park PS Group, one of Kolkata’s esteemed real estate conglomerates with a legacy of over three decades, proudly announced its latest initiative to rejuvenate and restore the beloved Nature Study Park by Kolkata Municipal Corporation on Loudon Street. This special initiative, open to the public, signifies PS Group’s commitment to preserving nature and fostering community-environment relationships.

Plantation Of More Than 10 Lac Trees

Embracing Nature and making it an integral part of lifestyle has always been at the forefront at PS Group. Plantation of more than 10 lac trees and shrubs, restoration of over 125 matured trees and 8 large water bodies over the past 5 years are some testimonies to the Group’s Environmental consciousness. The Group has completed over 6 million square feet of IGBC accredited green projects in the last 5 years with a commitment for only green developments in future.

The Nature Study Park, adopted by PS Group, is a cherished open space at the heart of Kolkata, known for its scenic beauty and natural pond. It has long been a favorite destination for local residents seeking morning tranquility and leisurely evening strolls.

 Present Outdoor Public Library

The park’s revitalization project was undertaken with the aim of enhancing visitor experiences while preserving its natural charm. The transformation of Nature Study Park is a testament to PS Group’s multifaceted approach. The project aimed to reorganize park components, introduce exciting attractions, and, most importantly, incorporate elements of education centered around ‘Nature Study.’ This educational aspect began with an extensive identification of plant species, now complemented by informative signage.

The park proudly presents an ‘outdoor public library,’ constructed from recycled materials by ILead, an ‘outdoor fitness zone,’ a children’s play area, floor games for toddlers like Hopscotch, viewing decks, reflexology courts, and trellis walkways. Over 18,500 new plants have been meticulously planted to enhance the park’s lush greenery, ensuring a serene environment for visitors. Furthermore, the installation of 16 3.3 KMP hybrid SPV power plants guarantees that the park remains beautifully illuminated even after sunset.

Improving The Park Experience

Another remarkable feature of the park is the transformation of the deteriorating concrete waterfront into a nature-friendly wooden pile embankment. This not only breathed new life into the pond but also allowed it to reconnect with the surrounding earth. The newly established soft pond edge has been thoughtfully adorned with a diverse range of littoral and sub-littoral plant species, enhancing the vitality of aquatic life. Additionally, a captivating aeration fountain, aimed at improving water quality, has become a central point of attraction for visitors.

The PS Group’s commitment to education and the environment encompasses Nature Study Park, where they will organize various activities such as nature workshops, flower shows, and educational sessions for nearby schools, fostering a deeper connection with nature and improving the park experience.

A driving force for environmental consciousness, Mr. Pradip Kumar Chopra, Chairman Emeritus at PS Group said, “Our vision for Nature Study Park on Loudon Street is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Through upcycling, recycling, and promoting a love for reading, we aim to create a zero-waste society while nurturing a sense of togetherness among our visitors, all while emphasizing the core focus on sustainability.”

Leading the project from the front the young Director Mr. Arihant Sancheti, said “This project embodies our commitment to ‘Family Time’ fostering community bonds, and inspiring collective action for building a greener, more sustainable world. At PS Group, ‘Family Time’ extends beyond our homes to the heart of our community.”

Commenting on the collaboration with Kolkata Municipal Corporation,Mr. Debashish Kumar, MMIC Park and Square, Kolkata Municipal Corporation said,“It has been a part of our vision to rejuvenate the city’s community spaces such that it enhances the quality of life for the city dwellers. Spaces where common man can connect with nature, take leisurely walks and indulge in conversations. PS Group’s invaluable contribution to The Nature Study Park furthers our vision and is a testament to an enriching public-private partnership. In my opinion, the value additions brought about by PS are beneficial for the community and environment at large striving to build a vibrant and inclusive urban environment.”


PS Group, one of Kolkata’s esteemed real estate conglomerates with a legacy of over three decades, proudly announced its latest initiative to rejuvenate and restore the beloved Nature Study Park by Kolkata Municipal Corporation on Loudon Street.

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