Prorganiq Launches an Exciting New Range of Natural Organic Supplements Promising Supreme Health Benefits

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(prsubmissionsite) November 13, 2019 – Prorganiq is a new-age brand that believes in harnessing the true healing power of nature. To add to its impressive array of products, the company is launching a new line of supplements, each one crafted to deliver unique potent health benefits.

The company is launching a total of 7 distinct All-Natural Supplements that are designed to bring about comfort and wellness in a targeted manner. The products being launched are:

·         Hair Strong Formula

·         Thyroid Support Formula

·         Testosterone Booster

·         Sugar Balance Formula

·         Stress Relief Formula

·         Immune Booster

·         Multi-Vitamin Formula

“There’s no denying that stress from frenetic everyday life is taking a toll on our overall health giving rise to several complications. Natural supplements sourced from the laps of nature, processed, and studied extensively, promise tremendous health benefits. Our new line is a result of comprehensive research over a long period of time, and promises great value to our customers” Mr. Surya Kumar, the Co-Founder of Prorganiq was quoted as saying.

Prorganiq offers products that have the power to address the root cause of the body’s ailments which modern science has failed to control. The company has earned a reputation for carrying out widespread research unravelling the hidden health benefits of natural herbs and extracts. Consequently, all supplement products offered by the company are made of 100% safe, premium, and natural ingredients that promise supreme benefits.

Here is a breakdown of the 7 new supplements being launched by Prorganiq –

1.     Stress Relief Formula

Stress Relief Formula enhances your body’s ability to manage anxiety and occasional stress so that you can lead a peaceful life. Whether you need to deal with multiple meetings at work or complete an intense course load at your university, this 100% natural supplement is a safer and easier alternative to keep your stress levels at check. The 4-key benefit formula ensures a healthy response to stress, alleviates anxiety symptoms, promotes better sleep and sharpens your mind.

2.     Immune Booster

This preservative and filler-free Immune Booster is all you need to ward off illnesses and infections. Powered with the goodness of herbs such as Amla and Shatavari, this supplement is going to promote your overall health. Take advantage of this incredible formula to fight off infections, viruses, illnesses, manage gut issues, combat inflammation, and improve your overall health.    

3.     Hair Strong Formula

Achieve noticeably healthier, shinier, and longer hair with this potent, non-GMO Hair Strong Formula. This supplement has been made from selected herbs that promise you healthy salon-style hair every single day. It has the goodness of powerful and rejuvenating herbs such as Bhringraj, Amalaki, and Brahmi which work to speed up your hair growth, heal your scalp and balance moisture levels in your hair.

4.     Multi-Vitamin Formula

The Multi-Vitamin Formula nourishes and fortifies over 37 trillion cells in your body with appropriate vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants in order to ensure that your body receives all that it craves on a daily basis regardless of your diet. With a comprehensive blend of critical nutrients, your body is never deficit of all the natural boosters that promise optimal performance.  

5.     Testosterone Booster

The Testosterone Booster is designed to effectively and safely counteract declining testosterone levels associated with aging. It brings about a safe & natural way to boost your energy, improve libido, and put on lean muscle. The result– You will experience more energy than ever before during gruelling workout sessions thanks to the filler and preservative-free supplement.

6.     Thyroid Support Formula

Balance your hormones, reinvigorate your body, and shoot up your metabolism levels with this unique herbal Thyroid Support Formula. Triphala, the key ingredient present, is also ideal for those who are battling fatigue, weight gain, and digestive issues on a day-to-day basis.

7.      Sugar Balance Formula

The uniquely formulated Sugar Balance Formula is your best bet to keep your sugar levels in check without medications. It promises miraculous results to those battling with high blood glucose by enabling the body to produce insulin naturally so as to keep diabetes at bay.


About Prorganiq

Prorganiq is a renowned natural and organic supplement manufacturer that has become a harbinger of hope for people who have tried many medications and formulae in the market but have failed to find satisfactory health benefits. If everyday wellness and goodness are all you seek, then you should stock the supplements from Prorganiq today! The company carries out strenuous research activities for years to formulate any product and study its health benefits.


The new supplement range created from the purest of nature’s essence brings unmatched health and wellness to Beat stress, Boost Immunity, Combat Inflammation, get Stronger Hair, Nourish your Body, and Balance your Hormones.

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