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Product List
October 23, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Finding the right product or tool to suit your needs can be a daunting task, and securing the best deal on them can be equally challenging. Each day, plenty of tools are launched, each with unique use cases. Individuals across various industries can benefit from these tools as they simplify their tasks compared to traditional methods. However, it’s essential to consider the cost, as some tools are free while others come with a high price tag. Naturally, we seek discounts and deals while buying these tools or products. But finding these deals in one place is a different challenge. Product List is there, it’s a platform that consists of new tools launched daily and the best deals for the software or tools to buy.

To solve all these problems, we present Product List, a platform that offers a listing of new tools and the best deals on software and tools. The mission of Product List is simple: to provide the right software or tool at the right price. By using it you can discover the best tools worldwide and access the best deals, all at one location.

The Journey Of Discovering Product List

It was co-founded by Anshul Somani. During his third year, while browsing e-commerce websites, the idea of purchasing tools and software at discounted prices popped into his mind.  After exploring various websites and conducting enough research, he discovered that there were plenty of product review platforms but no centralized platform for all the available deals on tools. Discussing this gap in the market with his classmate, Prince, Product List was born.

What Is a Product List?

Product List is a leading product listing and deals website that specializes in curating a comprehensive catalog of cutting-edge products and tools across various industries. It is the ultimate destination for product discovery. Our mission is to empower founders and co-founders, and our vision is to provide the best deals to our audience and users.

This platform is designed for founders and co-founders to showcase their products and tools, for users to stay informed about new tools launched daily and secure the best deals, and for the audience to access valuable information and knowledge through our blogs.

Key Features of Product List

  • Comprehensive listings of products, software, and tools.
  • Best deals on all tools, software, and products.
  • User-generated reviews and ratings.


Anshul Somani



Product List is a leading product listing and deals website, it specialize in curating a comprehensive catalog of cutting-edge products and tools across various industries.

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