Amid Police Outcry and Defunding, Phazzer’s Safer, Low-Cost Solution Emerges

Phazzer's Safer

(prsubmissionsite) 18/06/20 The viral video of George Floyd’s death has galvanized sentiment against police and has resulted in widespread riots, protests, and demands for defunding.

Nationwide, officials have scrambled to create policies to address policing while Covid-19 has already resulted in slashed budgets.    Cost and safety appear to be paramount in the new model of public safety. As one Minneapolis councilman explained about police defunding , it requires us to  “replace it with a transformative new model of public safety.”  

Against this backdrop comes the  PhaZZer® Enforcer, a conductive electrical weapon (CEW).  The other brand  CEW is Taser® and has been the center of controversy for over 30 years.  They were used against Rodney King and in other high-profile incidents.  In 2017, Reuters documented 1081 deaths attributable to Tasers®  

This is where  PhaZZer® separates itself from Axon’s Taser®. PhaZZer® Enforcer is more effective, it has zero reported fatalities, and it’s a fraction of the cost of its  competitor, Taser®. PhaZZer® Enforcer costs about $1100 with cartridges and a holster. Comparatively, in 2019 Miami reportedly paid $6.5 million for 2000 Tasers®  (about $3250 each) 

 Matt Stroud noted in a new book, The Thin Blue Lie: The Failure of High Tech Policing, “‘When police officers pull the trigger over and over and over again to make that Taser shock last five seconds, and 10 seconds, and 25 seconds, that’s when they become really dangerous”.

  Guidelines by the Police Executive Research Forum state that, “exposure longer than 15 seconds to a  taser, increases the risk of serious injury or death”‘ 

In conformity with these standards, PhaZZer® Enforcer allows officers to safely deliver three five-second electrical charges. Then, the safety shutdown circuit technology kicks in preventing overexposure. If additional force is necessary, officers can re-engage the weapon with a flip of a switch. According to Steven Abboud on a  Fox Business News interview,   “PhaZZer® Enforcer brings a mental awareness to the user which, in essence, saves lives.”  Terrance Walker of PhaZZer® Federal Supply reports that this shift to  effective but safe and economic policing has resulted in an uptick in sales, “Agencies want to avoid civilian deaths, lawsuits, and save money with an effective weapon and PhaZZer® is answering the call. For years, our product has been locked out of the market due to abusive litigation tactics of our competitor. Now that we’re back, those that aren’t switching to PhaZZer® are needlessly gambling with the public’s funds and lives.”  

About PhaZZer Federal Supply

Phazzer Federal Supply is a distributor of effective less lethal technology designed to help law enforcement, military, security companies, and civilians resolve conflict safely and at an affordable cost.  To date, we’ve had zero reported deaths from our products. Learn more at or by calling (775) 971-8679.




Amid Police Outcry and Defunding, Phazzer's Safer, Low-Cost Solution Emerges

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