Perrys Revolutionises Industry Standards with Comprehensive Range of Oils and Lubricants

May 3, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Perrys, a pioneering name in the fuel and lubricants industry in South Australia, proudly announces a game-changing stride towards revolutionizing industry standards with its comprehensive product range. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Perrys stands tall as the beacon of excellence in the field of oils and lubricants.

Perrys Oil Excellence

Perrys, known for its legacy of excellence as one of Australia’s largest and longest-running family-owned fuel distributors, has raised the bar once again. Fueled by a passion for perfection and a dedication to meeting diverse industry needs. Perrys offers a full spectrum of oils and lubricants designed to elevate performance and ensure the longevity of machinery and vehicles.

“We are thrilled to introduce our extensive range of oils and lubricants, crafted to meet the evolving demands of various industries,” says Tamara Lowe, Analyst and Executive Assistant at Perrys. From automotive to commercial, agricultural to marine, and industrial to manufacturing industries. Perrys offers a comprehensive selection of oils and lubricants in Australia.

Quality Care Products

Complementing their range are high-quality cleaners and degreasers that keep machinery in top condition. When it comes to maintaining equipment longevity and efficiency. The choice of oils and lubricants plays a vital role. Perrys understands the importance of using top-quality products to ensure optimal performance and protection. “Our premium oils and lubricants offer excellent rust and corrosion resistance properties.

By creating a protective barrier, they shield your vehicle and machinery from moisture and environmental elements, preventing costly damage and prolonging its lifespan,” adds Lowe. Perrys motor oil, greases, and lubricants are engineered with superior oxidation quality and thermal stability.

Extreme Temperature Resilience

They can withstand extreme temperatures without breaking down. Ensuring any equipment operates smoothly even in demanding conditions. The result? A generally extended grease life and enhanced protection. Providing peace of mind and reliability when it matters most. It all translates to reliable lubrication and minimised friction, reducing wear and tear on critical components.

About Perrys

Perrys is one of the largest and longest-running family owned distributors of fuel, oils, and lubricants in Australia. They are known for our exceptional petroleum products and unwavering commitment to service. With over 70 retail fuel locations across Australia, they own, operate, and supply fuel to meet customer needs. They have their own fleet of delivery vehicles and regional fuel depots that allow them to offer their entire range of bulk fuel and lubricants throughout the country.


Tamara Lowe Analyst and Executive Assistant Perrys Fuel Distributors 68 Eyre Road, Crystal Brook, SA, 5523 (08) 8636 2274

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