Pepperful Foods Corporation Unveils Jalapeñ “O’s: The World’s First Jalapeno-Spiked Honey Nut Oat Cereal

Pepperful Foods
February 7, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Beverly Hills, California – Pepperful Foods Corporation is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking product in the breakfast cereal market – Jalapeñ “O’s, the world’s first jalapeno-spiked honey nut oat cereal. Forget Cheerios; it’s time to spice up your mornings with this bold and innovative new cereal. Jalapeñ “O’s is the brainchild of John Gonzales, the Executive VP/CFO of Island Sweetwater Beverage Company, Inc., bringing over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry to the table.

Perfect Blend of Sweet and Spicy

Previously holding key leadership positions at BroTex International Inc., a renowned food and beverage brokerage firm led by Chuck Brockett, Gonzales has a wealth of knowledge in the management and commercialization of intellectual property. “Jalapeñ ‘O’s is not just a cereal; it’s a flavor explosion that will redefine your breakfast experience,” said John Gonzales. “Pour it on with some milk or snack on it right out of the box.

This jalapeno-flavored cereal is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, providing a unique and unforgettable start to your day.” Pepperful Foods Corporation takes pride in pushing the boundaries of taste and introducing bold flavors to the market. Jalapeñ “O’s is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and creating products that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Key features of Jalapeñ “O’s include

  • Jalapeno-spiked honey nut oat cereal
  • A perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors
  • Versatile – enjoy with milk or as a snack on the go

Pepperful Foods Corporation invites consumers to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Jalapeñ “O’s. Elevate your breakfast routine and experience the thrill of a spicy kick to your morning.

About Pepperful Foods Corporation

Pepperful Foods Corporation is a leading innovator in the food industry, dedicated to creating bold and flavorful products that captivate consumers’ taste buds. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing culinary boundaries, Pepperful Foods continues to redefine the way we experience food.


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