Patricia Jo Grover’s Impactful Speaking Engagements Garner Standing Ovations

Patricia Jo Grover
November 14, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

[Brewer, ME] – Patricia Jo Grover, also known as The Goal Achievement Strategist, is a renowned businesswoman, mentor, and coach who is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams. With her proprietary “Conquering Skills Education” platform, she Encourages, Educates, and Empowers individuals to rise above any challenges they may face in any of the 8 Dimensions of Life.

Encourages And Empowers Individuals

Patricia Grover has been making waves in the business world with her recent accomplishments. On October 28th, Grover was a speaker at the “Finding Your Inner Beauty Women’s Conference” in San Antonio, TX, which was put on by Daniel Gomez Inspires and was a fundraiser for Women’s Breast Cancer to raise funds for the Mari Strong Foundation.

Her talk resulted in a standing ovation, as well as being asked back to speak at another event in March. Many of the women attendees purchased some of her books and asked for them to be autographed Many people reported that this particular event had been the most impactful that they had ever attended. On November 2nd, Grover virtually spoke as a Keynote for an event and was asked by one of the other speakers to be a speaker at one of their upcoming events.

Empower Individuals To Achieve Their Goals

Grover then flew off to Chicago to level up her already fruitfully blossoming speaking career by getting some training from one of the industry’s best, Baron, Sir, Dr. James Dentley III, at his Speak2Succeed Speaker Camp. Grover already has “The Rise Above Show” with Patricia Jo Grover on Dentley’s JD3TV Network, and it is streaming 24/7 on Roku.

The second season will soon be available. “I am passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their goals and dreams,” said Patricia Jo Grover. “Through my Conquering Skills Education platform, I am committed to helping individuals overcome any challenges they may face and live their lives with purpose, joy, and gratitude.”


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Patricia Jo Grover Shares Her Expertise as a Speaker, Author, and Coach to Empower Individuals to Achieve Success

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