Oxysorb: Safeguarding Food Products During Trucker’s Strike and Red Sea Crisis

January 10, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

The Trucker’s strike and Red Sea crisis highlight the pressing need for reliable cargo preservation solutions that can protect and preserve the quality of food products during long periods of shipping and unexpected delays. Oxysorb is a crucial partner in safeguarding perishable food products from excess oxygen, moisture, and humidity in cargo containers.

Oxysorb- An Efficient Oxygen Absorber

Oxysorb’s innovative oxygen absorbing capabilities played a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of food products during the unprecedented delays and cancellations of cargo and shipments containing food products across borders. In the container and cargo setting it is essential to maintain optimal levels of oxygen and moisture to make sure the quality and shelf life of the food products are well maintained. Excess oxygen in cargo containers can cause spoilage and harmful microorganisms.

Oxysorb technology absorbs excess oxygen to maintain food product quality. It eliminates the harmful effects of oxidation and microbial contamination. Oxysorb packets of different sizes, ranging from 20cc Oxygen Absorber to 3000cc can efficiently help control optimum oxygen levels in small and large container/packaging settings.

Key Features Of Oxysorb For Maintaining Food Product Quality

  • Oxysorb’s oxygen absorbers prevent oxidation, staleness, spoilage, and harmful microorganisms in cargo containers by efficiently absorbing excess oxygen helping preserve food against oxidative damage within the packed environment, and maintaining the color, texture, and aroma.
  • Oxysorb’s oxygen absorbers help extend the shelf life of food products, by reducing oxygen levels inside the packaging, during prolonged transit periods, ensuring optimal conditions during shipment, thus preventing spoilage.
  • Oxygen absorbers are non-toxic, safe to use in direct contact with food, and USFDA approved, ensuring the safety of the packaged food products effectively.
  • They are a sustainable and affordable solution for small and large scale food packaging solutions, and can effectively maintain optimum levels of oxygen during transit or unprecedented delays like the Trucker’s strike and Red Sea crisis.

When talking to a senior reporter, our CEO and Managing Director, Rajesh Galgalikar was gratified and stated “Our heartfelt gratitude for placing your trust in Sorbead India. Your confidence in us has been instrumental in overcoming the recent challenges posed by the Truck Drivers’ protest and the Red Sea Crisis. Thanks to your unwavering support, we successfully safeguarded goods worth 10 million. Your trust and support mean the world to us, and we remain committed to providing excellence in our services.”

About Oxysorb

Oxysorb is a leading provider of oxygen absorber packets for use in cargo for effective maintenance of food product quality and protecting them from spoilage and damage due to changing environmental factors that are common during long transits.


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Protect and Save Food Products During Delayed Shipping With OxySorb, is a crucial partner in safeguarding perishable food products from excess oxygen, moisture, and humidity in cargo containers.

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