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October 18, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Considering visiting an orthodontist in Tampa, FL and are looking for a free consultation prior to deciding? At Durrett Orthodontics, a local Tampa orthodontic office near you, they are proud to offer free consultations for new patients that are interested in Invisalign or other braces options for correcting their smile. At Durrett Orthodontics, their orthodontist doctor is proud to offer treatment options for the entire family, whether you need a palatal expander for your child or are interested in Invisalign to finally correct your smile. Their orthodontist in Odessa, FL would be happy to help.


Interested in braces for adults near you but don’t want to experience metal mouth? Invisalign is a wonderful option that allows patients to discretely correct their smile and bite without anyone even noticing.

Ceramic Braces

Interested in an affordable orthodontic option that is somewhat discrete? Ceramic braces use translucent ceramic and rounded edges, allowing them to blend more naturally with your smile with causing less irritation and discomfort.

Traditional Braces

Interested in orthodontic treatment that allows you to customize the style of your braces? With traditional braces you can select the color of your brackets and even elastics, allowing you to show off your personal style while addressing your smile.

Palatal Expanders

Have you been told your child does not have enough space in their mouth for all their teeth? Palatal expanders can be an excellent option for addressing upper jaw issues, helping to avoid more costly orthodontic care later in life.

Fatigue Resistance Devices

Does your child suffer from an overbite or lack the space for all their teeth in a row? Fatigue resistance devices can gently correct these issues, preventing the need for orthodontic treatment later on.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

Want to speed up your orthodontic treatment such as traditional braces? Temporary anchorage devices can reduce your treatment time while removing the need for a headgear.

Propel Orthodontics

Propel orthodontics is another option for patients interested in speeding up their orthodontic treatment however it does not require surgery like with temporary anchorage devices.

Surgical Orthodontics

In certain situations, more invasive orthodontic treatment may be required to address an issue, Durrett Orthodontics is proud to work with oral surgeons to provide the best surgical orthodontic treatment available.

Dentofacial Orthopedics

Does your child suffer from facial growth and development? Their orthodontist near you also provides dentofacial orthopedics that can help to address these issues while your child is still developing, making treatment easier.

Craniofacial Orthodontics

Was your child born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial abnormalities? Durrett Orthodontics is proud to offer craniofacial orthodontics that can be useful for correcting these issues.

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Interested in scheduling your free orthodontic consultation in Tampa, FL? Contact Durrett Orthodontics today, they are always accepting new patients and would be happy to fit your consultation onto their schedule book appointment.


Looking for an experienced orthodontist in Tampa, FL, 33626? At Durrett Orthodontics, our orthodontist near you, Dr. Sharon J Durrett, DMD has been providing exceptional orthodontic care for over a decade. At our practice we use advanced technology in combination with the most modern treatment methods to ensure our patients receive the most effective, safe and healthy treatment possible.

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