One-Netbook Release 2nd Gen. OneMix Yoga Pocket Laptop in October

OneMix Yoga Pocket Laptop

August 31, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) – The pocket laptop leading maker One-Netbook is preparing for the 2nd generation One Mix Yoga. Source confirmed a more powerful CPU (Core M3-7Y30 with Intel Graphics HD615), fingerprint and quick charging type-C will be the main upgrades, based on the success of 1st generation business laptop.

One Mix is considered an uprising ultra-compact mobile office option, while the Atom X5 processor in the 1st gen. seems to hold it back from better performance. A significant upgrade of CPU is a good sign that the Shenzhen based laptop brand learned from the market. The low power consumption and outstanding performance of M3-7Y30 made it the first choice for any laptop that is designed for business and travel use and casual gaming (New Surface Pro 2017, Asus ZenBook, Xiaomi Air). The new One Mix Yoga should be more than enough to handle Office suite, Photoshop and top games in Microsoft Store.

One Mix 2 will keep the 360-degree flipping screen and 2048-level stylus pen. Along with a mouse sensor track button and touch screen, the pocket laptop provides at least 4 interactive options. From the experience of its predecessor, One Mix 2 will run Windows 10 smoothly at palm size. Holding a 7-inch device and use stylus pen is definitely more comfortable than using 12” or 13” tablet when traveling.

Windows phone is officially gone since spring, 2018. The demand for a fusion of ultra-compact PC and smartphone is not dead yet. With One-Netbook and its competitors in the market, we can expect more 6” to 10” devices that run a full Windows and deliver decent productivity. One Mix 2 will be launched on Indiegogo on Sep. 25th.


One-Netbook is launching a new 7-inch Windows device.

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