OMJOOS Introduces Two New Cold-Pressed Juice Flavors: Red Apple and Thai Guava

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September 26, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – To encourage people to maintain healthy drinking habits in their lives, OMJOOS is introducing its audience to two new and delicious, 100% natural cold-pressed juice flavors: Red Apple and Thai Guava.

Considering that the juice market is full of artificially flavored and chemically-injected unhealthy drinks, it can be quite a challenge to find healthy substitutes for some of the most demanded juice flavors. With this in mind, OMJOOS upholds a mission of putting an end to the consumption of soda and other artificial drinks within their community. As part of this initiative, OMJOOS has decided to provide another healthy alternative by introducing its audience to new flavors they’re bound to love.

We all know how beneficial red apples are, as they’re excellent for keeping plenty of health issues at bay. Additionally, they also aid in improving heart health, digestion, skin, vision, and a lot more.

With its naturally sweet flavor, Thai guava still manages to provide several health benefits that include improving skin health, digestion, immunity, and the heart.

The addition of these two new variants will help the brand to continue offering better and healthier choices to their consumers. To ensure the immaculateness and purity of juices, OMJOOS uses the highest quality of sourced fruits and vegetables from local farmers and different parts of the world.

OMJOOS is cold-pressed twice a day and every batch is carefully tested by experts to make sure all consumers receive entirely fresh, tasty, and 100% natural juice. In order to make use of the best quality fruits, every batch goes through lab testing to identify the presence of any pesticides as per FSSAI norms.

People can now enjoy the sweet, tasty, and mildly sour flavor of Red Apple and Thai Guava juice by ordering from Omjoos Products. Remember, say NO to unhealthy soda-based drinks and choose OMJOOS to experience a healthier lifestyle!


OMJOOS is taking a step forward to keep producing pure, healthy, and refreshing cold-pressed juice in Delhi/NCR by launching two new juice flavors: Red Apple and Thai Guava.

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