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September 13, 2021 ( PR Submission Site )

If you are planning to enter into the challenging industry of independent transport management, you need an operator licence and transport compliance services. The licence will work as a permit to prove your reliability as a professional operator of a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Public Service Vehicle (PSV) in the UK. Several other things are related and subject to apply for the licence. Even after you obtain the licence, you need to comply with your transport service to keep the permit intact. In this entire process, OLMC Group can work right beside you as an experienced and efficient consultant.

Transport Compliance Services
OLMC Group is ready to provide clients with all kinds of transport-related services, including compliance support. No matter whether you are an independent driver, a start-up owner or a well-established business, the competent team of OLMC Group can help you with the right guidance and accurate suggestions regarding transport compliance. This will help you to manage your business in a legit manner, understand the mistakes and avoid them to stay away from any legal dispute, public inquiry and find the right way to make it better.

OLMC Group experts will take out the daunting task of managing compliance, including tracking drivers’ duty, hours, conduct and law. The service will allow assessing the risks involved and helping you to avoid them.

HGV Operator Licence
If you opt for an HGV operator licence in the UK, OLMC Group has the best solution for you. These experts have vast knowledge regarding the entire process of operator licence submission and approval. They can guide you and help you with documentation without any error so that your licence application will be granted within the shortest possible time.

PSV Operator Licence
You need a restricted or standard licence to become a professional PSV operator in the UK. These licences offer different types of facilities to the owners. You need the right guidance to understand what type of permit will be most suitable for your business. OLMC Group has highly qualified experts who can suggest the right type of licence according to your business’s stature and nature.

Compliance Audit Operator
It is important to have the right audit of your compliance to avoid legal issues. Only an experienced and skilled team can manage this complex procedure of compliance audit. OLMC Group is well-known for its seamless support in this field. The company offers system and process audits for transport companies and individual business owners to maintain their vehicles and drivers in the right way. The audit will reassure you that your internal management system is working rightly to meet the compliance regulations. The report will also help you to be prepared for a DVSA investigation.

Bespoke Packages
At OLMC Group, different clients are offered different solutions for their transport operation business. The rates of these services are determined based on the core requirements of clients. Hence, one can expect to obtain bespoke packages from these experts.

To know more about the services offered by OLMC Group, visit their official website at https://olmcgroup.co.uk/

About OLMC Group
OLMC Group is a well-known company in the UK providing operator licensing and compliance services. They work as independent transport consultants who offer a wide range of services related to the transport business. Auditing and operator licence applications are their special fields of excellence.

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If you are planning to enter into the challenging industry of independent transport management, you need an operator licence and transport compliance services.

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