AOG Unlimited Unveils Next-Generation Aerospace Components and Services for Addressing MRO and AOG Challenges

May 6, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

When it comes to aviation operations, even minor maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) challenges can lead to significant logistical and financial disruptions. Recognizing this critical need for efficiency and resilience in procurement, ASAP Semiconductor, a renowned provider of aerospace components and comprehensive support services, has announced an expansion of components and services through its website AOG Unlimited to provide immediate solutions to demanding requirements.

Advanced Parts Platform

This move aims to empower airlines and MRO providers with streamlined access to essential parts, real-time support, and advanced data insights, ultimately minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operations. “Our next-generation parts and services represent a significant advancement in delivering unparalleled solutions that streamline MRO and AOG requirements to minimize disruptions for the industry.” — Joe Faruqui At the core of ASAP Semiconductor’s initiative is AOG Unlimited, an intuitive and user-friendly website.

Across the platform, over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find parts have been carefully organized into curated catalogs that are separated by part type, manufacturer, NSN, and other common designations. Furthermore, a search engine is provided on the website, enabling customers to effortlessly locate the specific parts they require.

Efficient Inventory Management

This inventory organization, bolstered by a simplified part lookup tool, eliminates the need for time-consuming search processes, allowing MRO teams to quickly identify and source items. Additionally, to meet evolving needs, the company is constantly adding new offerings to its selection. ASAP Semiconductor also boasts an expansive global network of suppliers and partners, ensuring consistent availability of a vast array of parts and components from diverse manufacturers.

This comprehensive inventory, alongside the company’s robust logistics infrastructure, guarantees expedited delivery, minimizing AOG situations and associated costs for those shopping on AOG Unlimited. Furthermore, the company specializes in tracking down long lead-time items, as well as offers purchasing solutions for unlisted part numbers. Recognizing that MRO challenges can arise at any time, ASAP Semiconductor offers unwavering customer service, and a support staff team has been established to provide further coverage around the clock for efficient fulfillment.

Client-Centric Partnership

This team of highly qualified and experienced aviation experts is always readily available to provide technical assistance, answer questions, and guide clients through the procurement process. This unwavering support ensures that MRO teams have access to the expertise they need, regardless of the time or day. ASAP Semiconductor understands that success in the aviation industry hinges on fostering strong, collaborative relationships, and the company’s philosophy revolves around transparent communication, proactive problem-solving, and a genuine commitment to understanding the unique needs of each customer.

This dedication to building trust and fostering meaningful partnerships is a cornerstone of the company’s long-term success and a key factor in its growing reputation as a leader in the aviation parts distribution industry. By unveiling its next-generation platform and comprehensive suite of services on AOG Unlimited, ASAP Semiconductor is not just delivering essential parts and support, it is empowering the aviation industry to operate with greater efficiency, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

With its unwavering commitment to innovation, expertise, and exceptional customer service, AOG Unlimited is poised to become the trusted purchasing platform for airlines and MRO providers navigating the ever-evolving demands of the global aviation landscape.

About AOG Unlimited

AOG Unlimited, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is a leading platform that features in-demand aviation components and comprehensive services, the website being dedicated to supporting airlines and MRO providers in overcoming their various challenges.

Through its next-generation online platform, extensive inventory, 24/7 support, and data-driven insights, ASAP Semiconductor empowers its clients to streamline operations, minimize downtime, and achieve operational excellence when they shop on AOG Unlimited.


AOG Unlimited unveils an expansion to its offerings and services to address MRO and AOG challenges faced across the industry.

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