Natural Tuna Corporation Redefines The Sushi Experience with the Launch of Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream

Natural Tuna
January 8, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Tokyo, Japan – Natural Tuna Corporation, a pioneering force in the seafood industry, is thrilled to introduce an innovative culinary delight – Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream. This unique fusion of flavors promises to revolutionize the way sushi enthusiasts experience their favorite raw fish.

Delightful Treat For Food

Bluefin tuna, known as Maguro (本鮪) a Japanese favorite, meaning “genuine” or “true tuna,” takes center stage in this groundbreaking creation. Forget the traditional sushi rolls; now, sushi aficionados can enjoy the exquisite taste of Bluefin Tuna in a convenient and delicious sugar cone. Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream, the new fast-food sushi on the go!

By blending the rich, buttery notes of Bluefin Tuna with the creamy sweetness of ice cream. Natural Tuna Corporation aims to provide a novel and delightful treat for food enthusiasts, creating a harmonious marriage of flavors in every bite.

Authentic Flavor Profile

What sets Natural Tuna Corporation’s Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream apart is the use of “Wild caught” Bluefin Tuna. Unlike conventional practices of raising tuna in fish farms. Tuna Corporation prioritizes sustainability and authenticity by sourcing tuna that is caught in its natural ocean environment. This commitment to quality ensures that every serving of Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream encapsulates the true essence of the sea.

“We are excited to unveil our latest creation, Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream, which adds a unique twist to the traditional sushi experience. Our ‘Wild caught’ Bluefin Tuna brings an authentic flavor profile, while the ice cream adds a touch of sweetness, creating a culinary masterpiece in every cone,” said Natsuki Kishimoto, a Spokesperson for Tuna Corporation.

About Natural Tuna Corporation

Natural Tuna Corporation is a leading player in the seafood industry, committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, and authentic seafood products. With a focus on innovation and culinary excellence, the company continually strives to redefine the boundaries of gastronomy, bringing unique and exciting flavors to the market.


Natsuki Kishimoto

Natural Tuna Corporation

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Natural Tuna Corporation invites sushi enthusiasts, foodies, and adventurous eaters to embark on a gastronomic journey with Bluefin Tuna Ice Cream. This delightful fusion of flavors is set to become a must-try for those seeking a new and exciting culinary experience.

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