Money Back Helper Helps Victims of Mis-sold Investments Recoup Losses

Money Back Helper
February 20, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

LONDON, UK – Money Back Helper, a specialist claims management company. Announcing its expanded services to help victims of mis-sold financial investments recoup their losses. A mis-sold investment occurs when a financial advisor deliberately or recklessly sells an unsuitable investment product that does not match the customer’s needs and financial situation. It often happens due to advisors chasing commissions or failing to fully explain investment risks.

Life Savings

“We’ve seen too many cases where people were convinced to put their life savings into risky, inappropriate funds they didn’t fully grasp,” said Jane Kennedy, senior claims advisor at Money Back Helper. “Often the losses can be absolutely financially devastating.” Industry data shows mis-sold investments are widespread – approximately £2 billion is paid out in compensation each year to victims. One recent survey found 15% of UK investors state they were mis-sold to, illustrating this is not an isolated issue.

“Here at Money Back Helper, we take an ethical, customer-focused approach to the investments sector. Having spent over a decade in financial services myself. I was dismayed by the rampant misconduct and lack of accountability for bad actors. Too many people suffer losses while those responsible continue business as usual. Our firm intends to change that by leveraging our expertise to fight the most egregious cases of mis-selling and get clients the maximum compensation they deserve. It’s time the industry puts people before profits.”

Greg Dickson, Owner and Founder of Money Back Helper

With rising complaints, it is clear stricter regulatory oversight is needed along with resources to help victims recover losses. Money Back Helper was founded to be an advocate for those impacted by unsuitable investments they did not fully consent to. Victims of financial mis-selling can contact Money Back Helper for a free consultation to discuss their case and options around pursuing a claim. The company urges not waiting, as strict time limits apply on financial claims.

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