Mojo Nomad Introduces a New Home for Global Nomads with First Ever ‘Homstel’ Co-living Concept in Hong Kong

Mojo Nomad

HONG KONG ( PR Submission Site ) Nov 26, 2018: – Ovolo Hotels Group today announced the launch of Mojo Nomad, a new co-habitation concept for global nomads that combines travel, lifestyle and community at its core. The first Mojo Nomad property opens its doors in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbour today in time for the holiday season.

Mojo Nomad offers ‘Homstel living’, bringing together hotel, home and hostel. Centered around community and the use of shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle, Mojo Nomad provides the space and support to live without compromise, explore without fear and play without rules.

Founder & CEO of Ovolo Hotels Group Girish Jhunjhnuwala said, “We’re really proud to introduce our Homstel co-living concept to both locals and travellers. The concept draws on our desire to support today’s modern hero, giving them access to a multi-use space where they can be productive, build a network, be collaborative, seek adventure and experience new things. Whether you stay at Mojo Nomad for a short or long time, you’re never a guest but always an in-house resident and part of our community.”

The Next Generation of Co-Living The ability to ‘remote in’ is transforming business, lifestyle and community by enabling digital nomads. These working professionals are on the rise and characterized by not having a fixed home location, instead moving from job to job, place to place over the years. Nomads attracted to the co-living era unite around their common interest to collaboratively manage a space and share resources.

Tapping into this growing demographic, Mojo Nomad addresses the changing demands and needs of the ever-evolving modern nomad, accommodating those who seek new ways of living as a community, appreciate the experience of exploring the local lifestyle and value openness and collaboration.

“Our new Mojo Nomad offering moves away from the traditional rigid hotel model that requires a direct quid-pro-quo benefit against every square metre in favour of Return on Experience. Instead, we’re focusing on offering collaborative and fun environments that will expose our residents to new experiences that inspire them to be active creators and contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around them. We’re excited to be one of the first brands to shake up the Hong Kong hospitality industry and are looking forward to bringing our new concept to other markets in the region,” said Jhunjhnuwala.

The Mojo project and design teams visited 36 existing establishments around the world during the brand conceptualization process. Taking learnings from the best design-led

hostels and boutique hotels in Europe, the teams looked and evaluated the pricing models, value added services, ancillary income generators, guest facilities and characteristics of these popular properties to develop Mojo Nomad’s offerings. The end result is a constantly evolving co-living Mojo Nomad brand that is driven by the sharing economy.

As the world’s most visited city by international travellers with arrivals set to reach 45 million by 2025*, Hong Kong is the perfect place to test the new Mojo Nomad concept. Hong Kong’s sharing economy continues to boom with the government estimating an annual growth rate of 40 per cent in the coming years and accounting for 10 per cent of the city’s gross domestic product by 2020.

A Place to Live, Play, Work and Travel Mojo Nomad offers a mix of shared rooms for residents and private rooms for those seeking privacy. Alongside a place to stay and sleep, the co-living solution integrates the latest in technology, value-add services, functionality and design across its communal areas to re-imagine culture, collaboration and community in one space.

One of Mojo Nomad’s key features is the ‘Common Room’, a space that provides areas for rest and relaxation with the convenience of hot desks, a Skype pod and PC facilities to maximise one’s productivity. These spaces are designed to both foster interactions among residents while still providing privacy when needed. The result is spaces that are flexible to use and can cater to the different needs of Mojo Nomad residents.

Mojo Nomad offers a list of impressive facilities and services to deliver a world-class co-living experience including:

• Shared rooms with either 3 or 8 beds

• Private rooms (single or double) with private bathrooms

• Group room with 14 beds & private terrace

• Room cleaning & linen changes

• Bulk biology bathroom amenities

• Electronic safe in selected rooms

• TVs in selected rooms

• 451⁄2° Bar and cafe

• Communal kitchen/pantry

• Vending machine

• Cone of Silence (private call booth)

• Luggage room & lockers

• 24/7 Common Room with co-working spaces, hot desks and a TV

• Complimentary high speed Wi-Fi

• Laundry Facilities

• 24/7 security

Amenities available at Mojo Nomad include 24/7 on-site reception, dedicated ‘coaches’/ superintendents and community events such as painting classes, film nights, live music and speaker series.


About Mojo Nomad Established in 2017, Mojo Nomad is a community for global nomads who seek a new way of living and collaborating as a community, appreciate the experience of sharing the local lifestyle and value openness and collaboration. Mojo Nomad provides the space and support to live without compromise, explore without fear and play without rules. The brand’s vision is to establish a global hospitality brand that will consistently go beyond traditional hospitality concepts, and blur the boundaries between hostels, hotels and homes by blending all the good bits into one space to allow residents to live, work and travel in an effortless home-feel environment. The Mojo Nomad co-living Homstels offer collaborative and fun environments that expose its residents to new people, new ideas and new experiences. Mojo Nomad strives to encourage residents to be active creators and unite them around a common interest to share space, resources, and activities, ultimately inspiring them to contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around them.

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