The Mickey Mouse Club Launches Its Own Honey Oat Cereal as Mickey Mouse’s Original Story Loses Copyright

Mickey Mouse Club
January 23, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

La Jolla, California – In a groundbreaking move. The Mickey Mouse Club announces the launch of its honey oat cereal, celebrating the timeless legacy of Mickey Mouse. This comes as a significant development following the expiration of the copyright for Mickey Mouse’s original story, Steamboat Willie, as of January 2024.

Honey Oat Cereal

Steamboat Willie, released in 1928, holds a special place in the history of animation as one of Disney’s first-ever films. Not only did it introduce the world to the iconic character of Mickey Mouse. But it also marked a milestone as the first Disney movie with synchronized sound. Walt Disney, recognizing the success of the live-action Jazz Singer as the first Hollywood film with sound, strategically embraced this new dimension in motion pictures.

As per U.S. copyright law, the rights for a character expire 95 years after the publication of the original work. With the debut of Steamboat Willie in 1928, January 2024 became the expiration date for the short film. Resulting in the loss of copyright protection for Mickey Mouse. In celebration of this historic moment and to honor the enduring spirit of Mickey Mouse, The Mickey Mouse Club is thrilled to introduce its own honey oat cereal.

Iconic Images of Mickey Mouse

This delectable cereal promises to bring the magic of Disney into breakfast routines, capturing the hearts of fans young and old. “We are excited to embark on this new chapter with the launch of our honey oat cereal. Mickey Mouse has been a beloved character for generations, and this milestone allows us to explore innovative ways to continue sharing the magic of Disney,” said Carolyn J. Fisher Spokesperson at The Mickey Mouse Club.

The Mickey Mouse honey oat cereal is a delightful blend of wholesome oats and the sweetness of honey, delivering a magical breakfast experience. The packaging features iconic images of Mickey Mouse, paying homage to the character’s rich history and timeless appeal.

About The Mickey Mouse Club

The Mickey Mouse Club is a renowned institution dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of Mickey Mouse and his iconic friends. With a rich history spanning decades, The Mickey Mouse Club continues to captivate audiences through various forms of entertainment, including television, merchandise, and now, a delicious honey oat cereal.


To commemorate this special occasion, The Mickey Mouse Club invites fans and cereal enthusiasts to join the celebration and make breakfast a magical experience with the new honey oat cereal. The product is now available at select retailers nationwide.

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