Magento development Market trends and outlook in 2020 -2023

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(submissionsite) February 11, 2020 No Doubt that in today’s era, people prefer to shop online rather than going out. It’s being the trend, for any kind of business; you need an e-commerce platform to make your products sell very conveniently. More than 250,000 merchants worldwide use eCommerce sites developed on Magento CMS.

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AI And Chatbots:

AI and Chatbots play a vital role in the eCommerce industry, trending in web development services. AI targets their specific customers by delivering them what they are looking for. AI records what you are looking or searching and based on that record, it will display all whatever you were looking at top priority.

Nowadays Chatbots are used by every website development company, providing24x7 services to its customers. It reduces the costs to host customer care executivesThis feature is high in demand and expected to flourish in the future.

Personalized Experiences:

Magento is the most popular used e-commerce platform with the latest features and that is why merchants and users require a more defined personalized experience. Today there is intense competition in the e-commerce market. To deal with the rising competition, a website has to satisfy customer choice and tastes. Standing up to the customers’ expectation creates loyalty and retention.

Personalized experiences need to be taken in use on the websites to send the newsletter, birthday, anniversary wishes and so on. Magento offers push notifications to maintain a constant flow of discounts, special offers, latest products released, live sales, etc and in this way you can to reach out to your customers.

Smarter Organic Searches:

Having an online store is not enough to get success in business. You need to make changes in your websites to engage more and more visitors. This can be possible by providing user smarter navigation by adding auto-complete tasks, smarter breadcrumbs, and filter options to your eCommerce portal.

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Voice Input Technologies:

Taking the help of Voice Input Methods (Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant) to make your products searchable is trending now. Voice search is one of the latest trends and it is expected that it will flourish in 2020-2023.

Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax Scrolling is the attractive, trending features in Magento framework that improvise the storytelling in a shorter time period using huge amounts of data.  This featured is used by top Magento web Development Company in the USA.

What is parallax scrolling?

It is a website trend that displays the web page’s background at a slower speed than the foreground as users scroll the website. So, if you are looking for an engaging UX with a fabulous scrolling experience, you can implement this trend on your website.  

Magento features a tremendous capability to accommodate all the updates available in the market in the coming years. To make it more responsive and speedy, an updated version of Magento 2 is launched with some improved features like a comprehensive dashboard. 

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Magento is the most popular open-source PHP based framework used for developing cost-effective e-commerce websites. This framework is trending with all the latest features. Some of the updated features are AI, Chatbots, Parallax Scrolling, Voice Input Technologies, etc. See how Magento development trends in the market in 2020.

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