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Macrocosm Ultra Digital

(prsubmissionsite) January 30, 2020 As a certified Google Partner, Macrocosm Ultra Digital have a proven track record of generating leads through numerous Google Ads Marketing platforms (conversions). They formulate a long-term solution for your company with conversion tracking and provide you with real world data to show you exactly where your money is going.

What exactly are conversions? Conversions are actions that users do on your website that you deem valuable to your business. Macrocosm’s job as your digital marketing company is to increase the amount of conversions while driving down the cost of conversions (Google Ads). Meaning, over time, you get more bang for your buck.

Their process involves an analysis of both your competitors and business’ unique selling points, etc. Your target audience’s behaviour on your site is also taken into account when optimising your campaign. This is done to keep users on your site for longer. Thus, improving UX and further driving conversions.

Their in-depth fortnightly reporting structure is unmatched in the industry and gives you key insights into how your users interact with your campaign. Monthly optimisations are also included in their Google Ads contracts to ensure you see a high ROI.

They not only specialise in Google Ads, but also have a wealth of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is the process in which your website is optimised to achieve higher rankings in algorithmic search engine results, namely on Google, Bing and Yahoo. This, in turn, generates measurable quality traffic.

This is what sets digital marketing apart from traditional forms of marketing. You can see where your visitors are coming from and, therefore, are able to quantify whether the amount of money you are spending is worth the return.

Macrocosm’s SEO service is accompanied by a comprehensive reporting platform which enables users to log in and view the progress of their campaign live. This sets them apart from their competition. Additionally, they also provide you with a task report, which details exactly what was done in a specific month. This is also unique in the industry as many SEO companies don’t want you to know what they do, as they feel it could jeopardise their working relationships with their customers. Macrocosm don’t feel the same way and want you, their client, to have an open and healthy working relationship in order for you to make money and continue growing your online business with them.

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About the company
Macrocosm Ultra Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency in Cape Town that has been in the industry for over 8 years. As a result of their comprehensive reporting platform, you, as a client, would have the ability to view the progress and growth of your business live.

Suite 13 Time Business Park, 39 Blaauwberg Road
Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, 7441
Tel: 0215564842


As a certified Google Partner, Macrocosm Ultra Digital have a proven track record of generating leads through numerous Google Ads Marketing platforms (conversions).

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