Loopys Towels Make The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Loopys Towels

Ingleburn, NSW, December 24, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) – Christmas is a busy time at Loopys, claim Australia based manufacturers of premium quality Turkish towels. Made from 100% organic cotton and woven in Turkey, these towels are a preferred gift for all occasions – from birthdays and anniversaries to festive occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Hanukkah.

“All our products are designed in Australia and handmade exclusively for us by Turkish families who have been looping and looming towels for generations. The fact that these towels can be used in a wide variety of ways makes them a favourite gift item. Unlike a typical terry cloth towel, there are no loops; instead, these are weaved. Also, they’re longer and wider than regular towels – a typical Loopys Towel is approx 100cm x 180cms.” says a spokesperson for Loopys Towels. The company sells towels in a wide range of designs, including stone wash and tie dye. As the name suggests, Turkish towels originated in Turkey and were intended to be used in bathhouses nearly 600 years ago. Today, they’re not just used as bath towels, but for a variety of uses – as picnic rugs, bath towels, baby blankets, and even worn as a scarf or sarong.

Loopys Towels are eco-friendly and are all natural with no chemicals, synthetic dyes, or pesticides. The special weaving technique used to make these towels ensures that they last for a very long time. Unlike other towels, Loopys Turkish towels become softer and more absorbent over time. “Even if a loop is pulled and the thread becomes loose, the special weave ensures that the towel does not unravel. Just cut out the loose thread and continue to use as usual. The tassels too hold up well and don’t unravel easily,” she adds. The company offers free shipping on all Australian orders.

About Loopys Towels:

Loopys are famous for their range of cheap Turkish towels. These towels are made from 100% organic cotton, lightweight, super absorbent, and easy to dry.
For more information, visit https://www.loopystowels.com.au


Loopys Turkish Towels are an ideal gift - they last long, pack well, and serve a variety of purposes.

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