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L'Exterminateur En Ligne
November 1, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

For fast delivery and rapid clearing of pests in the home and garden, L’Exterminateur En Ligne has the expertise and solutions ready to positively impact any environment. The team behind the Quebec-based company is passionate and committed to improving the quality of life of clients and restoring order in the chaos of infestations. That’s why L’Exterminateur En Ligne’s online store offers an inventory of pest control products to help individuals and pest control professionals fight against bedbugs, dust mites, cockroaches, mice, rats, Asian ladybugs, boring beetles, as well as ants, squirrels, raccoons, and other pests.

Its packaging is neutral, and shipments are discreet and fast. Before the end of 2023, the company is also offering free delivery on all orders of $250 or more. “We are not just an online store, but a team of people who listen and are committed to supporting our customers eradicate pests in their homes and help get their lives back on track,” commented company owner Edouard Beaudry. “With pest management at our heart, we are there for customers from start to finish, helping them navigate the process to ensure a stress-free and worry-free experience.”

Customer Service

Their excellent customer service ensures that no one is left behind. In addition, their knowledge of the field and the necessary equipment allow them to adapt to each situation and offer the best products available on the market.

L’Exterminateur En Ligne also offers a monthly treatment service: a recurring protection by their experts in all kinds of establishments. In short, their technicians visit the premises every month to inspect the building against all types of parasites. Depending on the situation, they apply certain traps and products to prevent the infestations to which you are most at risk. This gives you peace of mind as the experts will return to refresh the products to ensure continuous protection and complete treatment if necessary.

Monthly pest management treatments effectively control infestations of pests such as mice, rats, insects and other pests. These treatments include applying chemicals or non-toxic methods to eliminate the parasites and prevent their reappearance.

Contact Info

Whether it’s a question, to help someone buy the right product online or to call on a pest control professional:

Phone: +1-855-507-1601

Email: contact@lexterminateurenligne.com

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