Launched Free Interactive Clinical Site Finder App to Search COVID-19 Clinical Trials Recruiting Globally

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Oakbloc has Launched free Kalehdoo Clinical Trial Site Finder App To Help patients and physicians find clinical trials recruiting for COVID-19 and other diseases. There are over 2200 users visiting the site already in its first week of launch.
Oakbloc Technologies’ Clinical Site Finder has made finding clinical trials easy, intuitive, and interactive for general public.
Oakbloc Technologies, a technology solutions, service, and platform provider to the clinical trial and healthcare industry, today announces the launch of the first-ever free, interactive and user-friendly Clinical Trial Site Finder app developed using open-source. The solution is designed to help patients, physicians, healthcare providers, clinical researchers, governments and non-profit organizations use data to increase patient participation in COVID-19 and other chronic and rare disease clinical trials and spread awareness.

Insufficient recruitment is still one of the primary reasons for many study failures. Very low levels of awareness and misconceptions about clinical trials has been the primary factor for low participation. Searching for a movie theater nearby is much interactive and easier than finding a clinical site. Poor UI and search features makes searching for clinical trials difficult and non-intuitive. Oakbloc felt a need to provide an interactive app with an intuitive UI to search for clinical trials in any part of the world on a map to enhance user experience. The data obtained from is presented in a way that makes it interesting and easy for the user to search for a clinical site.

Oakbloc Technologies strongly believes that Kalehdoo Clinical Site Finder App will help increase the awareness and participation in clinical trials helping researchers develop new drugs and vaccines early to help mankind. Oakbloc technologies seek support from physicians, governments, non-profit organizations and special interest groups to spread awareness about the benefits of clinical trials to patients.

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Helping the Pharmaceutical industry adopt new technologies to improve healthcare, drug research, and supply chain. The clinical trials industry is moving towards making clinical trials more patient-centric through the adoption of virtual trials and telehealth technologies.

Oakbloc enables and assists Clinical Trial Sponsors, CROs, Physicians, Researchers, Special Interest Organizations, etc. in the adoption of the emerging technologies: Big Data Analytics, AI/ML, Blockchain, Smart Device, and IOT in a variety of ways and combinations that will significantly advance the practice of clinical trials and remove or reduce some of the major challenges facing the industry. We are essentially technology solutions, service, and platform providers to the clinical trial and health care industries.

Oakbloc has developed technological accelerators, solutions, and platforms to accelerate the adoption of virtual clinical trial and telehealth by industry.


The App would help increase patient empowerment and engagement, and make the community more aware of the benefits of clinical trials.

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