King Komb Introduces A Dog Brush That Doesn’t Hurt

King Komb

Plantation, FL, 13 August 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – The King Komb dog shedding brush is a pet-friendly tool designed by a team of pet lovers. Unlike other deshedding tools, it does not pull hair from the follicles. Instead, it only removes loose hair that has already been released from the follicles.

“Shedding is normal and natural for dogs during summer. It helps them regulate their body temperature and keep the body calm. Regular deshedding removes loose hair, keeping the house clean and reducing shedding. A dog shedding brush also distributes the natural oils on the dog’s skin and keeps its coat shiny and healthy,” adds a spokesperson for King Komb.

The King Komb dog brush has 51 rubberized bristles that work in tandem, making getting past the top layer and reaching the undercoat easy and effective. This feature is especially useful for pets prone to heavy shedding. “The bristles also help to stimulate the pet’s skin. When used with the King Komb organic toxin-free shampoo, it keeps the dog’s coat shiny and smooth,” he comments.

The King Komb dog deshedder is not only effective from grooming, but it is also easy to clean thanks to its ergonomic design and retractable edges. You just need to maneuver the slide back and retract the edges. “We design deshedding tools for a wide range of pet breeds, including medium- to large-sized dogs, horses, rabbits, and cats. Our range of pet grooming tools also includes organic shampoos, pet paw cleaners, and paw balms. All King Komb products come with a money-back guarantee,” adds the spokesperson.

About King Komb:

King Komb is a team of pet lovers motivated whose passions have driven them to create innovative products for pets, including dog shedding brush, dog shampoos, and pet paw cleaners and balms.

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The wrong type of dog brush can do more harm than good. But the King Komb dog hair brush makes deshedding easy and efficient.

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