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December 20, 2019 (prsubmission) – Kapoor Plastics has been supplying high-quality and competitively priced polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards for over 40 years. The company has managed to maintain a distinguished presence in the industry for so long because it knows how to do its work in the best ways possible. Kapoor Plastics not only focuses on enhancing its profits but also strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time.

Kapoor Plastics’ spokesperson in an interview stated, “Customer satisfaction and happiness has always been a priority for us. This is the reason why we are always so particular about maintaining a wide product portfolio, wherein every product speaks volumes of high quality and durability. In addition to this, we strive to deliver products promptly and safely.”

Kapoor Plastics is a leading Lexan solid polycarbonate sheets distributor in India. Lexan sheets are extruded from Lexan resin and have a unique combination of features that most other plastics don’t have. Lexan polycarbonate sheets are available in a variety of profiles, surface textures, and shades and have unbelievable strength, excellent clarity and designing flexibility. Headquartered in New Delhi and with branches in Mumbai, Vadodara, and Gujarat, Kapoor Plastics supplies a wide range of products to nearby states, including Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Jammu, and Kashmir.

The spokesperson added, “Lexan polycarbonate sheets have high impact strength and they also offer high impact resistance, which makes these sheets virtually unbreakable. Light transmission is another feature of these sheets, as they allow 40-90% (translucent or transparent) light transmission. Not surprisingly, they are perfect for the skylight/canopy application. These sheets, made from UV-stabilized Lexan resin, ensure that the light transmission can be maintained over the years, even under direct sunlight.”

Kapoor Plastics specializes in providing a consistent supply of high quality and durable Lexan polycarbonate solid sheets. For a smooth and effective fulfillment  of customer orders, the company maintains a massive product stock in its big warehouse. As soon as customers place orders, the company dispatches consignments for their respective locations in minimum possible time. Kapoor Plastics has even trained its customer care executives to provide reliable assistance whenever customers want.

About Kapoor Plastics: Kapoor Plastics is a distinguished provider of high-quality polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets, and PVC foam boards, which are competitively priced as well. Individuals and industries counting on this enterprise can expect thoroughly satisfying and memorable purchase experiences.

Contact Information:

Kapoor Plastics

1/5, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road,

Paharganj, New Delhi – 110055

Phone: 9811073913, 9312289026, 011-23550566, 022-40167849, 9999440446

Email: info@kapoorplastics.com

Web: http://www.kapoorplastics.com/


Kapoor Plastics specializes in offering Lexan solid polycarbonate sheets in a variety of profiles, shades and textures.

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