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January 24,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Just search for a personal expense tracker or a budget planning app on Google and you will be presented with plethora of options. There are dedicated apps for every possible situation; be it tracking of expenses, monthly budget planning, due bill reminders and so on. But are these apps really effective and relevant in today’s context?

Time is moving fast and technology even faster. The apps which had worked great just few years ago are no longer as effective and useful as these should have been. For example:

·         Manual data entry was acceptable to us in past but not anymore, Who has the time to sit and enter all the expenses manually?

·         Data privacy was never a concern earlier or rather we were not aware about privacy pitfalls. But year 2018 has taught us the real value and importance of data privacy.

As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”.  FinArt, world’s most secure automated expense tracking and budget planning app is now available in all the countries. App had been live in India (and subsequently) in 5 other countries for last 3 years and has been improving its artificial intelligence & machine learning engine for this global launch covering MENA region, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and several others.

What is FinArt and how it works?

FinArt is a mobile app which helps users to track expenses, account balance, bills and monthly budget automatically based on SMS alerts received from banks, credit cards and billers. It also provides insightful reports and trends so users can drive real value & actionable from their data.

When user installs the app, it magically creates the statement of all accounts by just reading the local SMS inbox without any bank login/password. App also supports manual entries if user wishes to add any such as cash expenses. Apart from the convenience, app offers unprecedented data privacy controls so users get lot of peace of mind:

·         No email or phone number based registration.

·         Private mode operation ensures user’s SMS and associated data does not travel outside their phone

·         User can enable data backup onto their own personal google drive

Key features

Though app’s primary objective is to simplify the money management process without compromising the data privacy of its users, it has vast set of features and customization options to provide holistic experience. Few of its key features are:

Expense Tracking – App tracks all your financial transactions including expenses, transfers, cashback/refunds etc automatically.

Bill reminders – Bills are also tracked similar to other transactions and smart reminders are given at right time so that you don’t miss paying bills by due date. All sort of bills are supported including credit card bills, mobile bills, utility bills and so on

Account Balance tracking – App tracks various accounts and their balance from the SMS so you get complete visibility of your financial standing.

Effective budget planning – App has very well designed budget planning tool, wherein you can set overall monthly budget or you can define category wise budget also.

Multi-currency support – App supports all major currencies and also converts the transactions from any currency to home currency automatically.

Sync with Family – App offers sync feature to sync the data on multiple android phones so that entire family expenses can be consolidated and managed from one phone.

Powerful & customizable settings – You can select start day of the month as per your salary cycle, control various alerts, home currency and so on

Does FinArt support my country/bank?

FinArt is live in many countries and supports majority of the leading banks. If any of your banks is not supported, you can contact the support team and they will fix it within 24 hours.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”. Herbert Spencer

It’s time to take action, go ahead and checkout FinArt on google play store


After successful validation in 5 countries, including India, FinArt (automated expense & budget tracking app with data privacy controls) is now available in your region.

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